The rise of Jungle Raj… Will Nitish afford it?  


Amidst liquor ban and rising crime graphs, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is caught in an inexpedient web of a self-centered alliance and is weighed down by bureaucratic enervation. He is in fact under pressure to deliver “Mangal Raaj” which he has promised in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi jibe on alliance with RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav whose regime is often referred as “Jungle Raaj”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stated that Lalu’s RJD is ‘Rojana Jungle-raj ka Darr’ instead of  Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD). The rise of RJD supremo saw an enormous rise in criminal activities in the state too . Kidnapping, Murders, Rangdari Tax, Extortion, Riots were daily agendas of criminals and was at its peak under Lalu’s  regime,  hence  Lalu era is commonly known as the jungle-raj.  It was barely two months back that Nitish Kumar was sworn is again as Chief Minister of Bihar. But already the “Mahagathbandhan” is under pressure to deliver what it promised because what the government set up reveal is that Lalu Prasad Yadav has emerged as an unconstitutional power centre in Bihar and Lalu too seems to be under stress.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar (JDU) finally admitted that the sudden rise in incident of crime in the state and broad daylight murder of Aditya in Gaya and LJP leader Brijnathi Singh in Patna  are a matter of concern.

In the last two and a half months at least three engineers and six former  mukhiyas  have been killed at different places.

Nitish Kumar seems to be under stress to deliver “Mangal Raaj” despite all odds. Recently, he was abrupt with a team of IPS officers who had gathered for a meeting at his residence. Not only Chief Minister refused to watch their presentation on governance and solutions but also turned them back and asked them to do what they are expected to do for the welfare of the people of  Bihar. No doubt Nitish Kumar is known for his penchant for hard work and is considered as the face behind developed and modern Bihar but the present raaj is not only “Nitish Raaj” but its “Nitish(Mangal Raaj)-Lalu(Jungal Raaj). Making a balance between both is a challenge for Bihar Chief Minister. Alas, in last few weeks Bihar has seen a minuscule trailer of so called “Jangal Raj”, especially after the killing of engineers in Darbhanga  and regular cases of extortion.Nitish Kumar is now under pressure to stabilize the law and order which it should be under so called “Mangal Raaj” and that is the reason  he has directed all his bureaucrats that at last he wants results and less statistics despite all odds.

Astonish by Nitish Kumar work, he was given the name of ‘Sushasan Babu’ as he is the man considered behind Mangal Raaj in Bihar after decades of  Lalu-Rabri Raaj. Recently, he even excluded himself from list of VIP’s allowed to use beacon in a convoy .Nitish Kumar is considered and is aware that he is seen as one of the best alternative for every anti-BJP gathbandhan and his good governance model despite all odds can add to its cosmic advantage. Nitish Kumar battles with the ineffective Babu’s and  has given ultimatum to his ineffective bureaucrats that he needs Results over Statistics. Several bureaucrats staunch to RJD supremo have created a fresh trouble to Nitish Kumar as it has ensured Lalu’s greater interference and say in departments headed by them.  The grand alliance that Nitish Kumar formed with RJD and Congress seems to be under stress barely six weeks after “Sushasan Babu”  was sworn in as Chief Minister of Bihar.

The recent Bihar Elections proved to be a game changer in mainstream politics as on one hand Nitish Kumar emerged as a kingpin around which anti-modi politics will revolve  and on other hand it could be a different  tenure of Sushashan Babu with Lalu Yadav as alliance partner who has in-fact emerged as an unconstitutional power in Bihar. Well, Lalu as partner , law and order , Mangal Raaj and national ambition, Nitish Kumar’s throne is full of thorns. People have a lot of expectations from Sushasan Babu and we look forward to a better and brighter Bihar.

The  recent scenario in  the state  has given a strong negative  signal to the people of the nation to rethink . Will Nitish Kumar  afford  it?

*Writer is a Columnist  and the Media President of Delhi University Students Union

The  recent scenario in  the state  has given a strong negative  signal to the people of the nation to rethink . Will Nitish Kumar  afford  it?


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