As tension escalates between NATO countries and Russia the threat perception of war looms large.

As tension escalates between NATO countries and Russia the threat
perception of war looms large.
The dispute between Russia and Ukraine is keeping entire Europe and the
wester world tense. Though Ukraine was a member of the Soviet Union
until 1991 when it disintegrated. In 2014, a separatist insurgency
started in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland, Donetsk Basin. At the same time Russia
gained a maritime advantage in the region due to its invasion and annexation of Crimea. As a
result, both the US and the EU have pledged to safeguard the integrity of Ukraine’s
Russia has been indulging in military build-up along its border with Ukraine, an aspiring
NATO member. Russia has stated that its troop deployment is in response to NATO’s steady
eastward expansion. Russia argues that its moves are aimed at protecting its own security.
Russia has mobilised around 1,00,000 troops on its border with Ukraine. Russia is seeking
assurance from the US that Ukraine shall not be inducted into NATO.
This has resulted in tensions between Russia and the West which have been supportive of
Ukraine. The U.S. has assured Ukraine that it will “respond decisively” in case of an
invasion by Russia.
India’s diplomacy is at its peak. An invasion by Russia would put pressure on India to choose
between the Western alliance and Russia.
Maintaining strong relations with Russia serves India’s national interests. India has to retain
a strong strategic alliance with Russia as a result, India cannot join any Western strategy
aimed at isolating Russia.
The issue with Ukraine is that the world is becoming increasingly economically and geopolitically
interconnected. Any improvement in Russia-China ties has ramifications for India. There is also
an impact on the strong Indian diaspora present in the region, threatening the lives of thousands
of Indian students
As India is the old strategic partner of Russia, India’s position is largely rooted in neutrality
and has adapted itself to the post-2014 status quo on Ukraine
If the globes goes on fire, the world will never be the same again.

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