War in Ukraine – Humanity that suffers.

As Russian bombs hammer Ukraine’s Kharkiv and tanks push toward
Kyiv approx 660,000 people, mostly women and children have fled
Ukraine. This has creating a new humanitarian crisis, flooding refugees
across Europe, mostly women and children.
The Indian government has done a tremendous job in evacuating over 20,000 Indian citizens,
mostly students safely from Ukraine. This needed great diplomacy and close co-ordination with
countries neighbouring Ukraine. It was magnanimous of India to extend this support to other
South Asian nationals as well.
While the Ukranians have vowed to fight and are seeking help from NATO, EU and
America. The west has committed to offer humanitarian support and weapons to Ukraine but
will not deploy their troops on the ground. The first and second world war started in Europe,
it is to be seen if this conflict will be the epicentre for WW3. While no country is officially
sending their fighters, there is an influx of foreign fighters in Ukraine. Russia has sent
Chechen troops and the Ukrainians have invited foreign fighters to support its cause.
As the west pushes for deeper economic sanctions against Russia, it is to be seen if it will have
any real impact. Airlines from the west have stopped flying into Russia, Apple and other
American brands have stopped selling their products in Russia. Russia has also retaliated by
banning access to all western social media and news sites. The war has increased the global
oil prices. As Russia is the third largest producer of crude oil in the world. It will only benefit
from this increase.
Both India and China have abstained from voting against Russia in the UN Assembly. Both
countries have kept a neutral stand and seem to be watching and not giving into US pressure.
It is to be seen who the real beneficiary of the war is going to be !

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