The ‘cancel culture’ that saw Trump’s courtiers crushed underfoot for supporting the former President, and for refusing to state emphatically that the “election was not stolen”, has now transferred to crushing everybody who will not join the “Kill Putin” circus which has been in town for the last nine days and will not be going away anytime soon.

There is currently a massive exercise on to sift the Putin apologists from the “we want to kill Putin” braves. Anybody swinging the Putin way is punished. The world is truly and effectively getting divided half and half, except that the punishers are all in the anti-Putin camp. It is egregious to say the least, and the hubris is astounding.

Just this morning people woke up to the ‘#KillPutin’ hashtag trending on Twitter, and when a friend in Mumbai countered with a ‘#KillBiden’ hashtag, he was immediately and forthwith knocked off Twitter with the tantalizing offer that his lost status would be restored if he “apologized and accepted that he had made a mistake”.

The same kind of subversive attempts to bulldoze people into accepting that Trump had lost the election and Biden had won handsomely; that any claims that the election had been “stolen” was akin to blasphemy in Pakistan, for which the punishment’s nothing less than permanent exile. Social Media cannot breathe healthy if it cannot control the thought process of everyone.

The question that embroils the mind is, why is the West obsessed with getting confirmation that the West is best? Human beings cannot be segregated on the basis of divergences and differences in opinion. The pluralism that America and its allies swear by is out the window the minute somebody shows the middle finger to Twitter or Facebook.

The thick and squirming streak of racism that’s come alive in the western hemisphere of Europe and America post-Putin’s strike is blatantly and brazenly embraced by a substantial section of the so-called global citizens. It doesn’t matter who or how rich you are. If you have praised any Russian yesterday or even a decade ago, you will be hunted and cancelled, as is happening ever since Russian President Vladimir took upon himself to mend Ukraine.

The Washington Post acknowledges the application of this cancel-culture. In the process, it defines ‘cancel culture’ as the “clarion call echoing through the halls of power, boardrooms and cultural spheres…’No more’.” WaPo, as the Washington Post is referred to by the likes of Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub, is guardian angel of all those who follow the West’s left-liberal ideology to the proverbial ‘T’.

WaPo laments that the West continues to see Putin only as an “intangible threat”, not real enough threat to “warrant society-altering action.” At the same time, it exults that the “continent has begun to awaken.” WaPo is the leader of the cancel brigade, giving stiff competition to Twitter and Facebook. WaPo—a rags & pitches story—exults that Germany is for the first time since WW-II, responding with a “historic military build-up.” Shows how the progressives view the rest of the world, what the progressives want is total capitulation, abject surrender, like in “submission before God.” It is only the MAD principle that is keeping ‘fat boy’ and ‘little boy’ from nuking the daylights out of Russian cities, or Belorussia. The West is capable of meting out the worst “punishment” to disagreeable people.

WaPo in fact is thrilled beyond belief that Berlin has suspended a new pipeline linking German factories with Russian gas. And happy that Gerhard Schroder, a former German chancellor, is now a “national pariah” for “cozying up to Putin” in the past. “Even his favorite German soccer club, Borussia Dortmund, (has) fired him from an honorary post,” WaPo noted with glee.

Germany in 2014 was against imposing sanctions on Russia after the Crimea takeover. But now there is a “historic ramp up in defence spending” and the left-liberal are very happy with the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s “remilitarization” plan. The crux is that the punishing sanctions haven’t worked so far. The so-called ‘Allies’ are now asking themselves, “What next?”

The cancel-culture espoused by the West should go for the world to function better. Social media cannot forever decide for us what to do and what not to do. Next, we will have Artificial Intelligence shooting from our shoulders. The West wants total control of the world. The belief is gaining strength that life would be far better off if everybody can show the West the middle finger.

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