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Americai (V for victory Iyenger personified every way) Narayanan is current hottest carze in Congres hqs 24 Akbar Road. His (North) American CowBoy accented HellYeah has become every insider’s parlance. Whole of 24 Akbar Road has become Hell Yeah from janitors, their kith and kin to party office bearers-n-who-have-U-therein from all over the country… many of them are grabbingly, hungrily mugging (in distorted ways, cadaverous, grotesque accents) American cowboy terms used over more than centuries ago in US. (They openly say that American terms were strict no-no in 24 Akbar Road rather from the party’s inception in 1885. Congress being the ruling party from ‘50s onward always toed the then USSR and later Russia. Party’s insiders thus are Russia-centric, America is alien to them, their ‘exposure’ to globality was strictly limited to Sovexport Films showing dubbed Russian Movies.  Few American movies shown were strictly restricted to the Johnny-U-Who types, that is irrelevant countrymen (but integral part of Palace Politics). … (Before proceeding further, about Americai V Narayanan Iyennger later) Words forcefully yet freely (its another matter that the practioners’ accents, pronunciations, dictions, flows et all are plain guffaw-ccentric-hilarious-joking-rip roaringly-comedy) practiced now include HellYup, HellYep, HellCrap, HellShit, BullCrap, BullShit, BullHorn, GreenShit, ShitCrap, Shit, HeyYe, ‘me here, k’ll ‘em all n ‘me back alone, Kiss-kiss-bang-bang, BoomRoom, BangRoom, BoomTime, BackUp, PadUp, Piss, Cheese, Dick, Irk, Fume’SS, GasOut, ShoveIn, ShoveOut, SmoothBabe, Dildo, Junk, Yard, Jibe, Fibe, Blog Clog, Clog, Slog, Slug, Slut, Charlie, Kack, Kinero, blog, pay (?!?), Yard, SlipPad, SlushPad, SipPad, HissPad…Zony, Zorse and innumerable others, all being grabbingly mugged up by the All-n-Sundry in-n-out of 24 Akbar Road.








Present SCENARIO Personified in 24 Akbar Road (See it to believe it)…Like steam locomotives and town squares, Western movies are an indelible part of Conngress’s heritage today. Indeed, they are inextricably linked to the (before their civilization) American image around the world. From a darkened theater, they transport us to a dusty world of steely eyed men, strong women, loyal sidekicks, fast horses and faster guns. Some of them rose to artistic levels that influenced how movies in all genres are made. Others were churn-em-out horse operas. But what was the top Western movie of all time, the one that would unquestionably still be standing when the gun smoke cleared?


100 Greatest CowBoy Flicks obsessively, passionately mugged up are  : (Says Johnny from Texas to JUST IN PRINT : “ It’s high noon in Dodge. Strap on your Colt, adjust your Stetson, and help us determine the greatest Western of them all. …Lap them all up Urs bang in straight.”) High Noon (1952),   Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), Will Penny (1968), True Grit (1969),   The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), The Shootist (1976),  Big Bravo (1959),  Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), Ride The High Country (1962)…etc. All of them when released (repeatedly re-released in US, UK, elsewhere in World were Super-Duper Box Office success.




BOTTOM(MOST)  LINE : CongressPeople ardently evincing they are American of the 18th Century, 19th Century…Today in 2014, no American even mentions them leave along talking about them. CowBoy is a shame for them. They do not want to show that they were likened to Scheduled Tribes…What about Congress ? Well, the answer/s for U to say.

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