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Chinese Nobel in Herb Cure-Why Cannot India Do It?

Nobel Lessons from Indian & Chinese Herbs.Or Chinese Nobel in Herb Cure-Why Cannot India Do It?


Will Nobel Prize for China Folk Herb Expert

Motivate Ancient `Make in India` Health Care.

Selfless sharing shapes up the feeling called love for health. Nobel Prize announced recently for Medicine-2015 is shared by three Scientists. Folk herbal medicine pharmacist Youyou Tu has become the 12th woman and China’s first person awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her work in discovering the malaria drug artemisinin.



The award is shared with two other scientists,William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura, who developed avermectin, a major treatment for the roundworm parasites that cause iver blindness and lymphatic filariasis.

To understand herb and home made supplement process we need to understand its politics & Indian Process called Ayurved Vis a Vis English Medicine.




Prevention is better than cure. We all grew up hearing this funda-logic.

What went wrong and who suffers ?

The traditional cost of the plantation of side effects inside the body by the English Medicine intake is irreversible. The patient gets relieve by speed but finally a victim of several side effects that increases the intake of more medicines.

When Greed and Pharma Profit dominates the Cure:

Let us understand the need to love our body and understand requirement of inbuild systems first. Good health depends on safe collective culture and market. Imagine a bottle milk feed to a sick bird in a safe nest instead of insects and seed feed.

Observe in the bird feeder cartoon-it looks crazy. Instead of following laws of Nature the Pharma lobby wants to earn profit while feeding persons in distress with short cut chemical solutions supported with organized studies.

Emergency with speed to retain health give birth to this profitable system of cure. Emergency tags the busy consumer for his re-shape and self survival. User is pushed in the vicious circle of allopathic medicines even when it is not an emergency . Dependency on medicines unknowingly converts the user`s body to more and more medicines.

Pharma lobby and section of doctors continue to loot using false fear. Fake emergency is manufactured. Speed cure continues.

What went wrong ?

Ancient home made herbal preventives are less used today. Reason ? Simple! Its know-how got passed on strictly from father to the son. Its marketing was faith driven with less information sharing with the user. This verbal tradition, as we see, can be the source of error as well as of knowledge. Documentation- driven modern allopathic medicine today has at least ten times more side effects. But sharing transparency, speed, utility and the team`s networking magic outsmarted the traditional medicine.

Nature`s supplement & home made medicines cannot deliver speed treatment in emergency but can stop the causes.


If west the biggest beneficiary of Pharma and now China can overcome it in herbs and treat 4 million malaria victims without sideeffects why cannot India as the leader ?



Documentation and organized sharing with calibrations of the content ensures both the coherence of society and the handing of its accumulated culture to later generations.


Above chart shows how mode of Action is explained in the process that won Nobel Prize for Medicine.

If China`s Tu Youyou as pharmacist can defeat malaria parasite with a 2000 years old folk herbal formula and win a Nobel Prize in medicine why can`t the Indians do it ?

The recipe was 2000 years old and the extract artemisinin was 100% effective in mice and monkeys. Tu volunteered to be the first human trial to be tested for ill effects of this extract. At the height of the Cultural Revolution and during Vitnam War Project 523 – a covert operation launched by the Chinese government and headed by a young Chinese medical researcher by the name of Tu Youyou – discovered what has been the most powerful and effective antimalarial herb treatment to chloroquine-resistant malaria today.

Evaluation system in India needs a total overall from top to bottom to provide desi encouragement to Indian Research teams in herbs.



Herb Healers in India needs to stop playing faith politics and should keep the users and Public well informed. They need to improve the science driven logic with a transparent mode of action.

Herb and Naturopathy is bound to bounce back in life style promotion mode when English medicines fail with essential value addition and calibration.

This is possible with real evidences as we shall see soon in part-2 of this write up.

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