Empowerment of women in light of ancient India!!


A subject of concern ,policy making in india is women-women’s rights,women’s education,women’s role and so on. Many people have different views on “Women Empowerment” .All of us know that it is a pertinent topic and we also know it is a misunderstood and controversial topic.Whenever we say an empowered woman,what is the picture that comes to ,mind ? What is the picture that is cultivated ? It is something like a woman who is free ,who questions,who fight for her rights ,who is angry ,who is an achiever.

In this era the Feminist/Liberals just take the full use of Topic “Women Empowerment” to run their agenda and to impose their thinking . They pretend to be a Women Right Activist and carry their so called Broad Minded activities for Publicity and Political Benefits. Liberal groups opposes current use of the ancient Indian code .They see it as a culture that dominates women and denies the,freedom and empowerment.The Indian Liberal feminists view the Vedas and Ancient Indian practices as anti-women, where women are degraded. They Put allegation on the ancient Hindu Code of conduct – that they are grossly anti-women and denigrates the Matri Shakti (motherly force).They claims that one of the ancient Hindu Code of Conduct “Manusmriti” (also known as Manu Dharma Shastra) dominates women and denies the,freedom and empowerment .

Well this is not true First we need to understand that a soul doesnt have any gender . But the soul is the journey of realizing itself,takes various lives,various bodies and once it comes to the human body it takes a male or a female bodyin different parts of the world.It is not that a man is a man in all the births,sometimes it is a man,sometimes it is a woman.

As we know in our culture we look at woman as an expression of “जगतजननी/Jagatjanani” which means Universal Mother.In “Saptashati” it is written “विद्याः समस्तास्तव देवि भेदाः स्त्रियाः समस्ताः सकला जगत्सु ।।” means “Mother,all the vidyas in this universe as well as all the women in this world ,they are your own expression,your own forms,your own manifestations.” If we read Manu Smriti,we will come to know that no other text in world accords so much of respect and rights to women. “यत्र नर्यस्तो पूज्यन्तय,रमन्तय तत्र देवता “means ” Where females are provided place of honor,gods are pleased and reside there in that place” .”Protector of children, having definite knowledge, worth thousands of prayers and impressing all directions, O women, you accept prosperity. O wife of deserving husband, teach your husband to enhance wealth. ” – Atharva Ved .

In our country a woman was never called by her name.Though she even be younger she will be addressed as mother.Swami Vivekanand says that “In India Woman is a mother first and Mother last” . When Swami Vivekanand went to America many women became his admirers,his followers;they used to listen and interact with him.Any women he came across he used to address them as Mother. Women is a “Shakti”.The whole world is manifested because of “Shiv Shakti” . “Shiva”is the potential aspect and the manifestation takes place because of “Shakti”. If we respect her it brings out the best in Shakti.If we disrespect her ,the negative qualities come out .

A woman is not “Achetan Shakti”,she is a “Sachetan Shakti”.It doesnt mean that some one should handle her,she is herself Shakti. It is men who have to respect that “Shakti” to bring out the best in it so that Shakti will help in constructing,connecting,nurturing. If we disrespect her “Shakti” becomes Destructive.
Today this control is not taught at all to both men and women.We need to understand woman is neither good nor bad;she is a power.She should realize that she is Shubashakti and express those Shubha qualities in her.Empower women to do their ordained task of guiding the women of the world.

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