Globally Recognised, World Approved


Globally Recognised, World Approved, Internationally Sanctioned 4th Pillar of Democracy, Media (‘Press’ in Pre-Gobalisation, Cold War Period; Post-Cold War, it is Media, never mind even if it is totally awry, astray, asafetida, astringent), Period. Though not, QED (Quod Erat Demonstrandum). In India however, in/for many multi-edition, multi-shot, multi-lingual,  multi-idealogued Dailies which thrived/mushroomed all through nooks and corners of the country in the pretext of awakening/awaring countrymen (99.9% of them never ever became so as they have always been solely considered with food + may be, clothes + if at all, may be rarest of rare shelter) and in the process, making themselves multi-tycoons having global, national multi-faceted businesses (overt, covert, extrovert, introvert, ambivert) in reality caring F’All for the countrymen via their Media. If that was not true then how come their previous generations made media empires today are abegging for readers/patronage/customers. So famined they are that they are selling off their Real Estate in Most Prime Areas all through the country in exchange of pittance caring no way for Press/Media. Catch in it : The Lands they are selling in Sky High prices by the way are allotted in prime areas and in nitwit prices are for Press/Media and not for Regular Commercial Transactions. Newest Sellers of these lands are doing exactly that. Even those who are peddling with them commercially are not doing so rightly because in those lands only Media/Press can operate. Nothing else. What then? What Fate Then Of 4th World? What ‘bout coming days for 4th Pillars of Democracy?

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