GST a game changer for Indian Economy


Be Alert about the Game Plan of opposition do not get provoked and fall prey to their tactics and expose the disinformation Campaign – Shri Venkaiah Naidu in BJP Parliamentary Party Meet


The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Shri Venkaiah Naidu called upon BJP MPs not to fall prey to the tactics of opposition and not to get provoked and make any provocative statements. He stated this while addressing the MPs in the BJP Parliamentary Party Meeting held here today. Shri Naidu said that killing of innocents in the name of religion or caste is a blot on society and has to be condemned fiercely. Politicizing such murders is also a crime and giving the crime, communal colour is a sin, said the Minister. Shri Naidu asked the MPs to be alert oabout the game plan of opposition and expose the disinformation campaign unleashed by opponents.


Speaking on the occasion Shri Arun Jaitley explained the background of GST, the progress made so far and the efforts going on in evolving the consensus . He said that with GST, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) will increase by anywhere around 1 to 1.5%. He also said that there are lots of benefits of GST which includes the unified tax regime across India and reduction of black money. In the long run the prices would come down, so would the inflation. The growth would kick start, the jobs would increase, he added. The Finance Minister said that there will be increase in exports and said that it will be a game changer.


Sri Jaitley said that we need to increase production to create employment and get taxes and use them for social security and development. This will enable maximum governance and will reduce harassment, paper work, corruption and hence passage of GST is the need of the hour.


Shri Jaitley said that the Prime Minister took initiative and held discussions with the main opposition party to solve the dead lock over the GST issue. Shri Venkaiah Naidu who was also present at the meeting of Prime Minister with Congress President has said that Government is making all out efforts for the passage of GST for the common good of the people. Opposition has to understand it and cooperate for passage of the bill in the national interest.

Points made by Shri Venkaiah Naidu at BJP Parliamentary Meet on December 1, 2015


  • Our ideological and political opponents have joined together to defame country and democratically elected BJP government and also popular Prime Minister, Sri Modi. These people are not able to digest the emergence of BJP as ruling party and Sri Modi emerging as a leader in the world community taking India’s pride high.


  • Canards have been spread about communal disharmony, lies have been told about the economy and there are attempts to trivialize historical decisions made by Sri Narendra Modi. Our opponents are attempting to derail the progress made by the 18 month old young government.


  • After Modi became Prime Minister and country’s image graph is going up internationally. Some people unable to digest this fact, are cleverly manipulating isolated incidents into incidents of intolerance.


  • Entire country has seen the Indian leaders (Congress) on Pakistan TV asking Pakistan leaders to over throw the popularly elected Indian government.


  • Their reckless allegation made to serve their domestic political purposes will badly affect India’s interests abroad as it will give a handle to our opponents to project a picture that is far from reality. By these utterances, we are falling in the trap of our enemies.


  • The so-called hand full of intelligentsia, artists or writers have never raised voice of intolerance or protested when thousands of Sikhs were massacred under Congress regime. They kept unforgivable and deafening silence;
    • When the Constitution was subverted
    • when emergency was imposed
    • when media was censored
    • when fundamental rights were curtailed
    • when judges were superseded
    • when committed judiciary brought in
    • when lakhs of Kashmir Pundits were shunted out of Kashmir
    • When teacher K.T. Jayakrishnan was, beheaded in Kerala in front of children by Leftists goons
    • When Professor T.J. Jospeh’s hand was chopped off
    • When writer Taslima was attacked and threatened in the press club at Hyderabad
    • When Shri Dabholkar was killed when the Congress was in power in state and the Centre
    • When 72 year old dalit Tarachand and his daughter were burnt alive in Congress ruled Haryana.
    • When two teenage girls in Maharashtra were arrested under Congress rule for criticising bandh.


  • None of these so-called intellectuals, writers and artists had protested nor returned their awards.


  • All of a sudden, now there is an orchestrated campaign to damage NDA and also India. Why?


  • In fact, some of these protestors received awards from the fascist regime, which imposed emergency, a darkest period in Independent India, during the years 1975-77. That was the peak of intolerance.


  • Justice Ranganathan Mishra Commission Report and Justice Nanavati Commission report indicted the Congress, the ruling party at that time.


  • People have not forgotten that the Attorney General telling a Constitution Bench of the apex court that, if a policeman kills a citizen who walked into a police station, there could be no legal remedy or relief (1975-76).


  • Some of the so-called intelligentsia are worried that they are losing their grip over cultural and literary organisations.


  • One can say with conviction that the so-called protests were orchestrated from behind the scene, stage managed for political purposes. What is happening now is clash of ideologies mixed with self-interests.


  • Now with the change of regime, an alternative view is emerging. That is why they are frustrated. These people who thrusted one view on the country all these years are not ready to tolerate the other view emerging now. One particular line of thinking has been patronized and individuals and institutions were propped up in the name of one family. No other world view or perspective was allowed to be expressed or grow. When such individuals have to make way for others it is not palatable for them because they feel it is their monopoly.


  • Leftist who have miniscule political presence but well infiltrated into various institutions are also behind this spurious campaign.


  • The Leftists had made “The Indian History Congress” and the “Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR)”among other institutions, the arenas of power play and political manipulation.


  • The Leftists who flourished and monopolized academic and cultural institutions for three decades are started feeling threatened when the new government started appointing people of its choice as heads of various institutions.


  • It is the prerogative of the government of the day to appoint people of their choice.


  • It is also said that it is no secret that ban on foreign funding is also one of the reasons behind the protestors coming to street.


  • They along with our political opponents are holding Prime Minister responsible for incidents happened in Congress or their friends ruled states knowing well that law and order is State subject.


  • They are trying to create a perception. All the nationalists, particularly youth, should join together and fight it out.


  • Unfortunately, a section of media is also amplifying controversies.


  • Killing of innocents in the name of religion or caste is a blot on the society and has to be condemned fiercely. But politicising such murders is also a crime and giving these killings a communal colour is a sin.


  • Indian record is thousand times better than any other country. Communal clashes have come down considerably during NDA regime. They have come down to 644 in 2014 under NDA compared to 823 in 2013 under UPA. They say intolerance is up when communal violence is down. What a logic?


  • If you know the background of some of these writers, who returned awards you will understand their true colours. 0n 6th April 2014 on the eve of Loksabha elections some 26 people led by Sri Ashok Vajpeyi gave a statement calling upon the people that country can’t be allowed to be led by a person like Sri Narendra Modi. And Quote ‘A person like Narendra Modi, who is a permanent source of anxiety and insecurity for very large sections of our society, cannot and should not be allowed to lead India.’ And they said Loksabha election will be a test for India people made Sri Narendra Modi to pass the test and failed these pseudo-secularists. Those very people are now leading this agitation on intolerance and defaming our nation.


  • Now a group of around 50 eminent intellectuals demolished the fabricated claim that India had become an intolerant society overnight.


  • It is pertinent to note that some members of the silent majority of Indian intellectuals spoke up. They gave a fitting riposte to the ‘manufactured dissent’ against a duly elected government and the mandate of 2014. This group of eminent historians, archaeologists and scholars has responded in their statement on the issue of ‘rising intolerance’, saying they are “neither intellectual nor academic in substance, but ideological and, much more so, political.”


  • Famous, liberal Saudi Arab columnist Khalaf Al-Harbi calls India the most tolerant nation in the world.


  • Freedom of press in India is unparalleled. It even allows some writers to predict or wish Prime Minister to have heart attack. They all will be disappointed. Sri Modi is undeterred. He will move on with his developmental agenda and will not rest until India becomes super economic power in the world.


  • Country needs collaborative politics and not confrontationist politics. People are keenly watching law makers. They are in no mood to accept negativism.



  • Prime Minister Shri Modi is committed and working hard to transform India. Entire world is speaking very high of him and his government.


  • IMF Chief has recently said that India is among few bright spots in global economy today.


  • IMF projected a 7.5 per cent growth rate for India in 2016, against China’s 6.3 per cent.


  • World Bank has projected our growth rate at 7.5% for this fiscal.


  • ADB projected India to grow at 7.8% in FY16, to outpace China.


  • Fitch Ratings: forecast 7.5% growth.


  • Moody’s ratings revised outlook on India’s banking system to “stable” from “negative” this month. The rating was negative since 2011.
  • World Bank had recently improved India’s ranking by 12 places in Ease of Doing business. Highest by any country in one go.


  • India has improved its UNCTAD ranking of investment attractiveness from 15th to 9th.


  • India jumped 16 places in the competitiveness index. World Economic Forum projects growth 7.5%, putting the country on course to overtake China by the end of 2016.


  • India’s growth rate during July to September recorded as 7.4%, leaving China behind as reported today in news papers.


  • We are confident people of India who are intelligent will debate and discuss. It is good that a debate takes place and people know as to who are encouraging fissiparous and divisive forces; who are intolerant. Debate gives an opportunity for the other view also to be expressed, heard and reported.


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