Health-Healing tips


Memory: In an age of what American Sociologist calls Information flood in his bood THIRD WAVE our brain is crammed with news, views, puzzles, quizzes and ads in trillions, rather uncountable, students, job aspirants, journos and judges all have to fill up infinite ocean of General Knowledge, from Geography to Geology, Arithmatic to Astronomy. Naturally the neurons are overtaxed. And so, the students and job aspirants shake in their shoes before entering the Interview room. And similar is the case of exam-time-cram school going students, fighting the fear of parental scolding and mates jeering. Ageing parents and young addicts are battling with amnesia..
Nature creates problems but culls out in offering solutions too. EAT CORN-preferable boiled or baked. Because corn contains memory enhancer Vitamin B mega 9. India’s North-east, Bihar, Jharkhand with floody rainfall produces corn aplenty. Especially, the Mangoloids cultivate corn a lot.Probably,
that’s the westerners breakfast with corn flakes. ONION too is a memory builder. The scientific element it contains I have read but forgotten,
hadn’t CORN for longtime,

2.Aids-Antedote-Sex is a natural desire. An old man told me a woman is a prisoner of her own sex and I add MAN is the Jailor. Maslow termed it second most need of Men. Taoists say a womens’s aura affects 36 men together. Suppressing it is so difficult that landed spiritual preacher
ASHARAM BAPU in jail. A yoga teacher told me once in Dharmasala in Himachal “You know most westerner femae tourists who come to me to learn Yoga lastly want erotic pleasure. I AM LEAVING FOR ABROAD. In a liberalising society statistics about aids may be misleading because
of shame. Some five years ago an aids infected couple jumped into the Ganges.How appalling?
Again Nature hosts the cure. American researchers have eastablished that RIPE Jackfruits recklessly falen in jungles of India contains Anti-aids Virus.And in India Jharkhand, Buhar, Assam, Manipur, Miozoram, Tripura, West Bengal and Nagaland are abound with Jackfruit trees. I have seen ripe jackfruits which is also a great delicacy with milk fallen off the load of heavy rain unused-no takers, How if some corporate house government would have set up a Mango and Maaza like drinks factory for “Maza”(Erotic ecstasy).More relevant for scarlet women and pervert men.

3.Cancer:Cancer is another life threatening desease. Anti-Carcinogenic elelements are many that I don’t remember.But the simple raddish called mooli in Hindi is one of the most potent anti-carcinogenic.

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