As the Monsoon Session of Parliament enters penultimate week,


As the Monsoon Session of Parliament enters penultimate week, it is time to re-assess the ‘utility’ of the Congress-led Opposition. In most part of this session, Congress has adopted the stand of “Parliament Session Bandh Karo; Bandh Karo, Bandh Karo”. Resultwise, Parliament Session has not succeeded in doing “Serious Business” and enabled development/s to the nation, the people, the countrymen of all hues.  Loser? The Country/Countrymen/National Exchequer (it spent huge money on  non-functioning of Parliament. …

Citadel of World’s Largest Democracy, Indian Parliament, is in siege. In the just off 24 days’ Parliament Session (July 21, 2015 to August 13, 2015), no worthwhile work took place. Parliament proceedings were marred/disturbed by non-participation/oblique partaking/ruckus/slogan-shouting/placard display/ raiding Well again-n-again. Outside Parliament House, Congress led Opposition wore black bands in their arms and resorted to repeated slogan-shouting. Yes, Opposition did become united in 1 of those rarest of rare times. (They actually believe in “United We Fall, Disunited We stand” as has been proved since ‘60s). That unity if all only tantamounted to stalling Parliament proceedings. Speaker of the Lok Sabha in the self-declared most trying circumstance suspended 25 Congress MPs to bring in orderly mannerisms inside the House. That resulted into the latter joining forces with already protesting outside Parliament House, the Opposition MPs whose purpose/es of doing so by then/even later was unclear.   …They only shouted “Hi, Hi,” etc. This way, the Lok Sabha was minus Opposition.  Ruling parties+Government were unable to do “normal business” unabatedly. Loss/es thus was/were to the country. Opposition remained unperturbed on that. Hi, Hi was most important to them. Stalling Parliament proceedings was premier to them. Government of course displayed its definite, assured willingness to remain engrossed in Parliament proceedings for which countrymen voted for them. As for Opposition, it was left to them to fend for themselves.  Justifiably, the Rulers engaged themselves in scouring benefits for the country/countrymen/develo-pments.

The responsibility to run the parliament with positive note is not only on the government it is also on the opposition.

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