Mumbai for Marathis?


By Soumitra Bose/Mukesh Kumar Sinha

Mumbai for all? Hitherto, That’s how it has been. Vasudeiva Kutumbakam or Universal Brotherhood truly synonymous with Mumbaikars. Cosmopolitan Mumbai is how it is synonymous with all over the world.

Simultaneously there are growing rumblings in the metropolis (owners’ pride, neighbours/invaders’ envy) that Mumabi’s original characteristic needs to be resurrected/rejoiced/recapitulated/rervived in its real spirit so that the “invaders” (?) be laid off.

Thus, Marathis rejoice in Marathi :

  • इये मराठीचिये नगरी
    राम राम मंडळी, या हो
    या हो अमुच्या घरी, घरी

    गोड करा गूळ-पाणी, शाळूची भाकरी
    कृष्णेच्या पाण्याला गंगेची माधुरी

    प्यार आम्हां त्यागाची, शौर्याची शाहिरी

  • भाव भुकेले आम्ही, आमुची भारत ही पंढरी


The same in English :

  • Iye marathichiye city
  • Rama Rama body , or
  • Or amu home , house
  •  Please jaggery sweet – water , bread saluci
  • The waters of the Ganga task Madhuri
  •  Love us instances, bravely Cathedral
  •  Prices hungry , we Pandharpur , our India.

There is nothing Mararthi-ish in it. Nothing sectarian, obscurantism, fundamentalism in it either. Its thus a mystery why many sections in Mumbai are up in arms against this rhyme.

In fact, how is it connected with Mumbai is also a mystery. Equally inscrutable is fast spreading rumors that with the help of the above rhyme, Marathis will soon drive out non-Marathis from Mumbai to make the metropolis truly For Marathis, Of Marathis, For Marathis.

Alternately, there are strong damaging rumors of  “Mumbai for only Marathis” outbursting any moment now. There are however no veracity in it either in any way.

Yet, entire law and order machinery in Mumbai are extremely careful, alert, vigilant not prepared to see any loose end burst.

They are constantly vigilant on all possible — extrovert, introvert, ambivert, tacit, direct, indirect, pompous, grandiloquent, clandestine, surreptitious — clues culminating into “secular peace” disturbing situation/scenario in the city.

Under no circumstances, they are willing to let Mumbai’s secular peaceful atmosphere getting disturbed least of all on Mumbaikar vs non-Mumbaikar vs outsiders vs others.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Phadnavis himself is carefully, constantly, second-by-second monitoring the situation to not let any loose end remain.

His aides say, “Mukhya MantriJee is just not prepared to see any collapse of law and order situation in the city or its surroundings. He wants development by all should carry on unabatedly. He refuses Mumbai to be halted by flimsiest reasons like non-Mumbaikars, Mumbaikars etc. For him, all in Mumbai are Mumbaikars. He wants all citizens in Mumbai to be integral part and parcel of Mumbai and be pafrt in its all round developments.”

That’s it, say Marathis, “Chief Minister is absolutely positive. We thus can’t be isolated on communal or sectarian grounds. For us, all citizens of Mumbai are our brothers.”


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