Once the Prime Minister may not be always the PM unless


Once the Prime Minister may not be always the PM unless the people/masses/voters of all hues want it/him/her to be so as in our democracy/voting system/laws+rules+regulations but surely when the Prime Minister does his utmost to justify the “PMism” so that the people favourably remember “The PM” as a definite doer without offending anyone/angering none and none/placarting none/favouring none. This is what present Prime Minister is doing so perfectly, consciously, astutely, impeccably without any slightest ado of any kind. Result : He’s earning a lot of kudos for himself and his functioning style coupled with his “neutral” posture sans any favorites. His intensity as PM thus has arisen pretty much sky high what witheven the otherwise recalcitrant bureaucrats have begun to pay obeisance to him spontaneously. They are heeding to him without any cross questioning. An achievement by Modi indeed. They have admitted He’s the Super Boss. Indeed a great achievement by Modi by no any measurement. It should be remembered here that ever since, it is the bureaucrats who have been making a PM successful or a {dismal} failure. (Remember how Mandal ensured removal of that PM from PM-post unceremoniously and how he was installed as PM with Band-bajakar by the then over excited bureaucrats). Modi does not face this predicament. His concepts, goals, modus operandi, decisions, directions, directives, accommodating-all are different from many of his predecessors. Naturally, then, he is a success personified as far as his decisions and their implementations are concerned. He is bound to complete his tenure and may well be demanded by the masses to go over to take care of his next tenure.

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