Sunlit Hearts – The Voice of Soul


Meenu Mehrotra has  been associated with writing for last 27 years. Her work has appeared in national magazines and newspapers when she was working as a Copywriter with various advertising agencies.  She won a special mention in the Gentleman Public Service Advertising Award- 1993 for my campaign on Aids Awareness.

She has also won the 3rd prize in a writing competition, organized by an Australian website – for her poem- “Mother and Child” many years before she actively pursued poetry as her passion.

She feels that her varied experiences have given her deep insights into human nature as well as the tenacity, courage, fearlessness and restlessness to aim high. It has also imparted in her, an intimate understanding of the frailty of emotions and encouraged her to be an out -of –the- box thinker and push the limits of my imagination, which is an essential trait for a fiction writer and a poet.

She has written two fiction titles – LILACS BLOOM IN MY BACKYARD and SUNLIT HEARTS. She has also penned down two poetry books, SOUNDS OF DESIRE & I DRANK THE MOON .

Her 3rd & 4th books of poetry are DREAMLIT NIGHTS & THE MOONLIT LAKE.

A certified NLP practitioner, she is an avid learner and  always ready to explore, discover and push her own boundaries and feels she’s on her life calling of reaching out to millions through her written & spoken word.

She’s also a Relationship Coach for an online writing site called where she offers her views & guidance on matters related to dating, sex, marital issues, parenting & spiritual empowerment.

Meenu lives in Dubai, UAE.


A brief history about yourself and photograph along with the cover pic of the book, ” Sunlit Hearts” . You can see the attachment .

have attached the CV and pic


Q 1. Please describe what the story/book is about in one sentence.

It’s a story of a woman’s journey into her interior world to integrate herself with her exterior world.


Q.2 . Briefly, what led up to this book?

The constant seduction  to explore the intriguing subject of a  man- woman relationship as  a writer.

Q . 3.  What’s next?

Nothing planned as of now.

  1. 4 .. Why do you write?

Writing is a cardinal need to express myself – my emotions, feelings, thoughts, fears, doubts and what I see and observe around me . Its like breathing for me- life sustaining, to be succinct.

  1. 5 Which novelists do you admire?

Nicholas Evans, Jodie Picoult, Paulo Coehlo, Ernest Hemingway, D.H Lawrence…the list is long.

  1. 6 Describe the route to your first novel being published

Its been many years and I don’t live in the past…I wrote the book and sent it to many publishers and Rupa chose to publish it…simple.

Q.7What are your works ?

Have written six books- LILACS BLOOM IN MY BACKYARD, SUNLIT HEARTS- both fiction and 4 poetry books-



Q.8 what have been your inspirations?

Life ,always

Q.9 On what spheres of life have you worked on ?

Love, Relationships, Romance, Spirituality

Qs.4 What language ?

I write in English

Q.5 Did you belong to any literary movement ? If so , please describe


.Q.6 What is your opinion regarding the young generation writers?

Its heartening to see so many young people expressing themselves. We are slowly opening ourselves as a culture and sharing our innermost thoughts / ideas with the world which is a huge step towards bringing about changes in the society in the longer run and growing our consciousness about the world around us.

Q.7Any suggestion / advice to our readers/ INSPIRING NOVELIST?

Just be yourself. Be true and authentic in whatever you do and believe- that’s the only way to a congruent life.





Life has no meaning without the conservation of souls. This a a story revolves around three characters , Medha , Rishi and Nikhil . It is all about love,lost,melancholy, loneliness , forgiveness , let go and live ,recovery, knowing ones soul calling. Credentials don’t come with a purpose. The discovery of the self is the most valuable lesson one can learn from experience and by hitting the rock bottom. Medha’s quest and pursuit in the world of writings and Rishi’s busy lifestyle created a vacuum in the relationship. And the appearing of Nikhil , Medha’s college mate after a big hiatus leads the story to a different dimension.  The pressures of the modern workplace make a bigger difference, than whether it was a traditional arranged marriage, or a so-called “love marriage”. They lack patience and tolerance. Knowing what you like and don’t like will drive you towards the right people, the same way that it will make you drive past those who you know are no good for you. The conscience, too, is a holy and heavenly resonance that calls out the truth, which is the theme and significant part of the book. Conscience is the voice of the Self which says ‘yes or ‘no’ when you are involved in a moral struggle. The truth is, slow and steady wins the race. If you are lucky enough to find someone who burns an eternal flame in your heart – keep it that way. Feelings of butterflies don’t have to go away. True love is supposed to last forever, so why can’t the sensations last, as well? Finally, the souls reconnect. A gripping tale of a brave woman, who realises what is what? The healing has to come from within. Our compulsion to blame others is an attempt to escape from our own responsibilities. We over analysis things. We want someone other to take the rap of our pain and wrongs, this delays our wholeness. There is no point of self pity either. When we first confront our discomfort directly and accept responsibility of dealing with it, we feel an urge to escape again. But, if we stay with the discomfort for a while, a new light emerge- the healing and acceptance stage. A feeling of wholeness comes, a feeling of being a real person , of having reached our full size . So grab it and a must read.

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