India’s consul-general in New York arguing for Indian leadership follow the Israeli model of building settlements to take Kashmiri Pandits back to the Valley and suggested that those at the helm are determined to do so is certainly the matter of concern.

Raising this issue at this crucial juncture has obviously ominous intentions. One may agree to the argument that the Kashmiris pandits should be provided with the accommodation, but what is rationale that it should be of Israeli model? They could have been provided with the Kashmiri model of settlement. The argument of Israeli model smacks of a deep rooted conspiracy having design to push India into a new Palestine.

The government must not take the observation of consular general Sandeep Chakraborty lightly. Instead it ought to be taken seriously and have his observation thoroughly investigated; “I think we should push our leadership to do that…. Otherwise what’s the point? Give us some time.… We will do it…. That is the determination of this leadership…,” It must be found out who and what prompted him to make such statement? It is significant that Chakraborty equated “Kashmiri culture” with “Hindu culture” and advocated that Hindus use their “strength as the majority community”.

So far Kashmir has the Muslim culture but now with abrogation with 370 the RSS and anti-Muslim forces have been striving to alter its basic character. It is worth mentioning that the UN and the International Court of Justice have said the Israeli settlements on the West Bank violate the Fourth Geneva Convention. But last week, the Donald Trump administration declared that the Israeli settlements on the West Bank were “not inconsistent with international law”, reversing American policy.

After Israel won the Six-Day War in June 1967 in West Bank, Jews began moving into the area. Today, an estimated 4.3 lakh Israeli Jews live in 132 officially recognised “settlements”, besides over 100 unofficial “outposts” that await recognition.

The move to do away with the special status of Jammu and Kashmir is one firm step towards turning India into a Hindu Rashtra. One must delve deep into the reasons of changing the basic character of Jammu and Kashmir and turning them into union territories.

While the rightist and racist forces are out to convert the fundamental character of India in the Asian sub-continent, they are hell bent to keep alive the right racist forces in EU and UK. Britain has witnessed many electoral battles in the past, but the December 12 general election will define political character of the country.

For the first time the racists are determined to ensure the defeat of labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the leader having leftist image. A surge in people registering to vote for Labour has taken place. The leap in the number of young people below 30 years age registering to vote has been viewed as positive for Labour because the younger voters said to predominantly be signing up skew to the left.

About two-thirds of new applications are from those aged 34 and under. Younger people have been shown in recent polls to be more likely to vote Labour. The Electoral Commission estimates there are as many as 9.4 million people missing from the electoral roll.

But these developments the Jewish racists have mounted attack on Corbyn and have been accusing him of practicing antisemitism. The opposition leader was criticised after he declined four opportunities to apologise for his party’s approach to dealing with antisemitism in an interview with the broadcaster Andrew Neil on Tuesday night. The exchange followed comments by the UK’s chief rabbi that “a new poison, sanctioned from the top” had taken root in the party. Antisemitism has no place in Labour, says Corbyn after rabbi’s criticism

Corbyn has insisted that Labour has offered “its sympathies and apologies” to victims of antisemitism within the party. He even assured that a future Labour government would be “the most anti-racist government you’ve ever seen, because that is what I’ve spent my whole life doing, fighting against racism, and I will die fighting against racism.”

Ironically the pro capitalist forces have been providing all kind of help to Boris Jhonson in his fight against Corbyn ignoring the fact that he has been opposed to this doctrine.

The primary reason for opposing Corbyn has been the lurking apprehension that it would open flood gate for leftist expansion and spread in whole of EU. Corbyn said Labour had introduced stronger processes to tackle antisemitism under his leadership. He said that, although the problems had occurred among “0.001% of the party’s membership”, “one [incident] is one too many”.

In spite of this it is encouraging to note that very large number of Jew people have made it very clear that they do support Labour and that they do recognise his absolute commitment that every community in UK will be safe under the Labour government.

Corbyn has previously apologised multiple times for antisemitism in Labour, saying the party had been too slow to respond to allegations, but asked by Neil whether he would say sorry, he said: “What I’ll say is this, I am determined that our society will be safe for people of all faiths. I don’t want anyone to be feeling insecure in our society and our government will protect every community.”

True enough some hard core Jewish racist element intend the opportunity to defame him and show him in bad light. The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has to say “antisemitism has been in the society for centuries, but impression is created that it has re-emerged in recent years, infecting “all of our political parties”.

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