INDIA & SUDAN: From Ancient to Present –“Relations of Strong Culture & Heritage” Mutual Commitment to Peace, Development & Cooperation


 “As a tree will blossom only with care and attention, so our countries and our region will blossom and grow from strength to strength. As this tree acquires new zenith, let it encourage us always to aim higher and higher in meeting the new challenges which face us. As its branches spread, so may the cooperation between us spread out and embrace the relationship of progress, peace and prosperity between India and Sudan

….. An inspirational quotation by Nelson Mandela is aptly true for India and Sudan relationship that blossoms from ancient to the present.

Sudan and India are linked and inked by strong bonds of common heritage and unique similarities. Sudan and India are both countries of fabulous wealth in ancient art and culture. This bilateral relationship reminds of self determination, pride and dignity of both countries, and passionate belief that we are one people despite geographic barriers that have transcended the boundaries and merged into one.

India has always extended support to Hon. President of Republic of Sudan President Omar-Al Bashir , and his leadership to build a future of peace and security for themselves and future generations. The region, the Continent and the international community have pledged their support as well. Shri Narendra Modi, Hon;ble Prime Mnister of India has always believed that it is always imperative and essential for both countries to work together and accord equal attention to each other.

As we stand on the threshold of a new era based on long history of contacts and cordial relations, the need to speak with one voice is as great as ever.  We must work together to ensure the equitable distribution of our resources to meet our common challenges and achieve long term goals for peace and prosperity.


For centuries, relations between Sudan and India have always been warm, cordial and deep rooted. In ancient times the Nile Valley Civilization and the Indus Valley Civilization mutually interacted. The Nile and the Red Sea also provided well-known routes to Indian traders and visitors. Many aspects of culture and traditions in India and the Sudan have had a common source of origin.

Historical relations between Sudan and India have proved that our future relations are at large on the principles of mutual benefit, friendship and cultural affinity, with a main goal to ensure stable, predictable and sustainable environment to allow for future advancement of mutually advantageous and prosperous development of both the nations.

2015 has a special meaning for the world. 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit is scheduled in New Delhi from 26th -30th October 2015.  The India-Africa Forum Summit is the official platform for the African-Indian relations. This is going to be one of the biggest diplomatic outreach involving state heads and representatives from fifty-four nations of Africa. A qualitative participation between Sudan and India in the forthcoming summit will lead to open a new window towards partnership based on mutual interests and cooperation. The recently concluded visit of Hon. Minister Shri V.K. Singh (MOS, MEA) at  Khartoum was also important in such a way that it ushered in a new era of cooperation between two democratic nations.

Constructive policies between Sudan and India , practical implementation of a number of large projects on development of promising fields, establishment of new progressive developmental  routes meets the interest of both nations. It is also common belief that it is vital to establish a permanent mechanism for political consultations to generate common approaches for the issues of peace and security as well.

On this occasion, “Just in Print” also congratulate the citizens of India and Sudan and wish them more successful years in future.

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