Its most surprising that Nationalised


Its most surprising that Nationalised (Public) Banks dared wrote off NPAs tantamounting to  huge amounts thereby exhibiting their scant regard for the masses of the country. At a time when the country’s Pirme Minister is going out of the way ensuring the masses in the country get associated with banks with even 0 balance accounts for their own secured future/s it is ironical that the banks instead of winning their confidence towards them have written off their NPAs created interestingly by they themselves, thanks to their lackadaisical approach. In the process however, the people are further disillusioned. They wonder, how their future/s is/are secured in the banks. Government of course is devising ways to regain their confidences towards banking. But this must be said that it is true that the banks have taken unilateral decision without taking the people into their account. What they did in the Cold War era they are doing even today. Amazing! Of course it is now the turn of the banks again to recoup its lost confidence among the commoners at the earliest. While they will have to do that at the earliest for the sake of the people’s continuing involvement in them, they should also ensure that they no more have NPAs. The latter, its time its clearly understood, is obstruction to the country’s all round development. India can’t afford it now. Especially because India today is on rise in all sectors. In that.s banks’ roles are primary. If banks lose credibility, the country’s development/s will surely take nosedive and may even come to a halt. To prevent this, the banks should be more cautious. They should not allow accumulation of any NPA. NPA itself is detrimental to development. Banks can’t afford it today. That’s for sure.

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