Prohibition paradoxical:Teetollarian solution in Tea


Sometimes a small event turns the course of History.Like a slap on lawyer Gandhi transformed him into a Mahatma and finally to India’s freedom from the British rule.Though the peeved Britishers poisoned the process by partition of Pakistan.
Similarly,the Prohibition imposed in Bihar which celebrated a year on April 5 was inspired by a village women during and Anganwadi sevika workers meet addressed by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar prior to the last assembly elections in Bihar.The lady simply invoked the issue of ban on
country liquor.Nitish,Awarded the best Chief Minister once By India Today during the NDA
government included it in his “Seven determinates”.Committed and determined as he is soon
after he was elected his Samporna Kranti days friend RJD’S LalOO YADAV He imposed
country liquor ban followed by IMFL.Prohibition is a part of Directive principles of state policy in
the Indian constitutition,was first imposed in Prtime Minister’s mother state of Gujarat followed
by Nagaland,N.T.Ramarao in Andhra Pradesh only to be lifted by his son successor Chandrababu Naidu as in Bihar clamped by Karpoori Thakur and revoked by Congress Chief Minister Dr.Jagannath Mishra. Obviously,because total prohibition was thwarted and loss of
revenue to state.In Soviet Russia too a President pressed Ban on Vodka in the cold country
but the voters turned his feet cold by overthrowing his government in the 1940’s.
But Bihar’s Bacchus ban”outcry is litting up in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh,tribal dominated
Chattisgarh and elsewhere.In Neighbouring Nepal where liquor was sold even in grocery shops
the government has prohibited the sale during day time.In Nepal Sun sets and Nepal revels
though earlier in the addiction afflicted country used to start boozing since morning.Some reform is underway.The Bihar C.M.was recently invited to Chattisgarh and has been crowned
with Anuvrata award by Jain organisation.The grand alliance,as though challenging Prime
Minister Modi is clamouring for countrywide prohibition.It remains to be seen how Modi tackles
this outcry since he would be caught in a paradox having continued prohibition in Gujarat.
The Supreme court has banned sale of country liquor along 500 metres of National highways to prevent accidents.Modi is mum and so is West Bengal’s fiery C.M.Mamta Bannerjee where
it would be very difficult to implement in cold and rainy regions of Darjeeling and Dooars.She
may meet the fate alike the Soviet President in the area where she has thrown out the C.P.M.
in the last assembly election.
Bihar has historically been the peioneer of many transformation from Budhha’s Nirvana,
Chanakya’s Arthashtra(Economics) that showed the world the laws of taxes much before the
Political Theory of Social contract to The Jayprakash Narayan led Total revolution that set off
the process of Congress party’s predominance and pari passu evolution of regional parties,
leading to series of Coalition governments in India.Gandhi’s Satyagraha was also started from
Bhitiharwa in Champaran where the famous British Novelist George Orwell scripted his
Cryptic novel on Double Talk in a cottage at Belbanwan in Motiohari.
“Bihar proved doomsdayers wrong as life went on while its people learned to live withoutliquor willingly or unwillingly–during the one year of Ban”,wrote Piyush Tripathi in Times of India on
Prohibition’s anniversary.
Though liquor ban is half truth with Bootleggers and smugglers running a parallel black market even though escise and police have seized 3.07 lakh country and 5.11 lakh litres of IMFL
during the year,according to official statistics.Police have conducted 2,16,595 raids looks
like monetary figures.Bacchus worshippers are encouraging the flourishing black market country liquour ,home brewed Mahua being sold at rs.40 a glass in place of rs.10 and the
most popular Royal stag priced rs.500 in adjoining Bengal at premium ranging rs.1500-2000.
In Bihar Liquor has become like God which is shown nowhere but available everywhere is the
refrain among commoners,though this is also quarterly true.Recently a custom officers wives car was raided with cartons of foreign liquor.The officer is posted in Mumbai.Fear lurks as the
law is harshmost and police vigilant on account of government’s emphatic orders.Once Sub-
Inspectors threatened with en masse and Nitish simply asked them to go ahead.We have lots
of unemployed youths,he retorted and snubbed.Though some unscruoplous elements in the
excise and police department are minting money that has been their addiction but cautiously.

On the other hand scores heaved a sigh of relief .Irked by my Alcohol abuse while camping in North Bengal where liquour is a customary welcome drink my mother a close relative of
former C.M.Dr.Jagannath Mishra said”I will vote for Nitish and so many women will do”.
I too admired on mail.Overtaken by fear the breath analyser traps me I quit three days before
leaving for my parent state though Nitish Kumar personally knows me since I was Covering
Samata Party during my stint with UNI in New Delhi Bureau.thinking he would not spare even me even though being a journalist apart the fear of prestige loss.
Prohibition has had postive effect on infamous Bihar.JD(U) Spokesman Sanjay singh counted the benefits saying common crime d,dacoities,loots and riot dropped by 24,26 and 19 per cent
each.Officially Road accidents dropped to 130.An old Alcoholic friend Avinash Mishra opined
its been better neither we get nor we drink and my wife is happer.Plus why to risk imprisonment.
The classical case dropped from Rohtas where a daughter re-united her mother and father of
50 years age through formal remarriage after Prohibition.
Long Long ago a British architect had told me during a chance meeting about addiction”They
have a cage around them but they can not see the Bars.But now in Bihar nearly 44,000 are
seeing the prison bars in real sans the real freedom of the world.Someone had said the one
thing apart others I miss in Jail is the sound and sight of women.
Sadly,addicts are shifting to Marijuana ,sleeping pills even spasmo proxyvons in desperation though procuring sedatives have become difficult without Doctors prescription and Medical
shops are cautious.Recently a truckload of Marijuana being smuggled from Tripura was seized.Some mafia have weaved a network.Marijuana is being sold near Indrap[uri roundabout
and even railway station though police have arreswted them.The gang collectively gathers
money -freed on bail and again in selling business.What government alone can do.
One participant on a D.D,debate rughtly said we should include ill effects of drugs in school
curricullum. Alcoholism beyond 60 ml damages life sustaining organs -liver by faster metabolism, Kidney the cleaner of toxic aliments Oxygen intake Heart and Pancreas. Terming
Alcoholism as a disease pioneer of De-addiction research Eric VON RON has written that our body requires 16 vitamins and minerals from outside including magnesium, calcium and potassium sapped by Alcohol, so the frailty. Rest of the requisites are internally secreted.

TURNING TEETOTALLER-Mendicant or plain black Tea.

Time for you and time for me ,and time yet for hundred indecisions, Before the taking of a toast and Tea, penned famous poet T.S.Eliot.
Black Tea either CTC or Organic green tea now available mixed with natural mendicants with
healing powers mainly produced by Organic India Limited headquartered in Lucknow may help one subdue the hangover which thrusts addicts to another glass of drink to increase brains motor speed,helps in turning teetotaller.I have tried on myself and myself in tea gardens where alcoholism is prevalent among workers. There are 39 liquor vends apart home brewed Hadia-
the Rice made intoxicant within half kilometers at Matelli tea Estate where I was brought up.
My own triplet on that-
First cup subdues the urge
Second one with sugar surges the mood
Third one Blows over the Hangover.
Black Tea containing Nicotine and caffeine added with carbohydrate sugar stimulates the nerves sagged by neuro depressant Alcohol. Second cup further lifts up the motor speed and third one settles to normalcy.
Organic Green Tea now available in tea bags with mix og anciently revered mendicants like Tulsi, Giger, Pomegranate, Lemon Grass and Turmeric is anti-oxidant stress freeing and anti-carcinogenic (Turmeric) too price in the range of 140 to 160 for 18 Tea bags.For the poor
or the middle class even CTC with sugar helps uplift the depressed and stressed nerves that causes restlessness for increasing the motor speed of brain.
Thereafter bathing preferably with lukewarm or bearably warm water cleans up the toxic elements.And one can drive down to office or manual work grooming afresh. If this practice is continued for three days the beckoning bottle turns repulsive and nauseating.
“Tea must be made a life-style product and fun rejuvenator for the younger generation that
promotes vigour, Writes G.P.Barooah,Former President of Indian Tea Association. This is the time for India to develop a brand image of its teas as a marketable commodity for the twenty
first century, he concludes.
And in the context of Prohibition I feel popularizing black tea is beneficial for the Alcohol seekers, their families, the larger society and the economy too.
Export market is available in U.S. and Russia apart western countries and may offload the concern over revenue loss from breweries. There is nothing better than a permanently happy
family and peaceful society.

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