Aryans were original inhabitants of this place

The excavations done in Rakhigarhi, Haryana have proved
that the Aryans did not come from outside. They were
the original inhabitants of this place. The remains of an
8,000 to 10,000 year old urban civilization have been
found from the excavation. And this is the most amazing
discovery of archaeology till date. Leftist historians and many other
British historians had given a theory of Aryan invasion, which has been
proved completely wrong. The remains of the Harappan civilization are
spread very widely, which are spread from Iran to Afghanistan, Jammu
and Kashmir and almost the entire continent. About 10,000 years ago,
an advanced urban civilization existed in the Indian subcontinent. Which
was very widespread. This discovery has proved the leftist historians,
whose archaeological knowledge was almost zero, wrong. The history
written by the British has also been proved wrong. They deliberately
gave the theory of Aryan invasion and tried to prove that the Indians,
the original inhabitants of India, the people of the Harappan culture did
not have knowledge. All the knowledge has been given by the Aryans,
now that it has been proved that the Aryans were the original inhabitants
of this place. There has been no invasion from outside, the leftist and
British historians are speechless. Further discoveries have also proved
on the basis of DNA that from here, i.e. the people of the Harappan
civilization and culture went to Iran and after that they returned to the
Indian subcontinent from there.In reality, the theory of Aryan invasion
was a figment of imagination. It had no scientific basis. In the modern
era, advanced and modern experiments have proved that the Harappan
civilization was the original. There is no difference between the
inhabitants of South India and North India; everyone’s DNA is the
same. These researches published in various journals of the West
have created a stir.In the Indian context, the things written by leftist
and British historians are almost proven wrong. In fact, historians do
not take the help of scientific resources and facts and write history
based on hearsay which later proves to be wrong. In fact, there is a
need to know, understand and write Indian history again.

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