BJP To Beat CCP 40Cr+ Members


By Soumitra Bose+Mukesh Kumar Sinha

In a very short while from the time of writing this, BJP’s nation wide+global (later, in Space as well, as days — not years — go by) membership will be 30Cr+ . BJP is all set to beat World’s largest membership[ of a political party : Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with 8 Cr 20 lakh members. “Our (present) target is to enroll more than 8 Cr 20 Lakh members so that the BJP overtakes CCP as the largest political party in the world. …BJP will very soon surpass CCP and then will set precedent in the whole world in the field of popularity of a political party which at present is pretty much behind people’s expectations.”

India is no different in India from that. In the last 20 years or so, politicians in the country have tacitly initiated/compelled/silently urged/appealed/requested the masses of all hues all through the country “to do what they say but don’t do what they do (in field of lying, stealing, dithering, rabble rousing, double entendres, communalizing communities, defalcations, misappropriations, mismanagement, anti-country utterances, placating for self gains, foreign bank accounts, mishandling of even easy social situations, followers of divide and rule to the extreme without bothering for the negative results of them, holding back all civic amenities, not changing/stagnating/non-implementing Government rules and regulations for self gains etc).

Naturally then, the countrymen are thoroughly disillusioned with the political parties (inconsequential, nincompoop, hypocrite, weaknesses-exploiting, maudlin-encouraging, commiserating-showing though all false/lies specializing AAP included). …They want 1 India, Same Indians all through India, No classification/separation of any kind all through India. In Modi, Modi-guided, Amit Shah-captained BJP, they saw that. So mighty impressed they were (they still are) that they started joining the BJP en masse in the party opening membership drive.

This one especially for anti-Modi, anti-Amit Shah, anti-BJP : Maximum enrolment for BJP membership so far has been from the states not expected to  be with the BJP under any circumstances because of their ideology (of all kind) : Kerala and UP. Kerala is known to be a congenital, inveterate, unrelenting, dogmatic, obstinate, irrepressible Left. So strong is the Keralites’ Leftist inclination that there are whole lot of Left Parties in Kerala and all of them are overtly active.

Under such circumstances, Keralites are with BJP today. Why ? Because they have realized being with the Left, Marxists, Congress. Muslim (Front) etc,  they will continue to be deprived of all types of development/s as has happened to them since the inception of the independence of the country. Today, they want their, social, Kerala State’s development in all sectors matching US standards. To achieve their goal/s, they have switched over to the BJP-Narendra Modi-Amit Shah. In them, Keralites (of all types) see A New developed Kerala, refreshed, enhanced, improved  Keralites. Hence their craze for the BJP. Even the NRKs (Non Resident Keralites) have joined and are joining the BJP through and through. They are hung on development which they are sure of that Modi-BJP will give them.

BJP is a hit in UP because UPites of all sections, sub-sections, corner-sections, have-not sections, parvenus, noveau riche cutting across their caste,, creed, credo, centuries old traditions, beliefs, culture are unitedly with Modi, his Prime Ministership, BJP, Amit Shah because all of them want development (of them, UP) which is their only agenda and they unabashedly say, it is so for the first time in UP since perhaps Ramayana time & surely from 1947. They are aware that unless they lend arithmetic in favor of Modi-Shah, they can not deliver results. That is why they joined BJP en masse. They are still joining the BJP. Many elated BJP insiders in UP confide albeit, off the record, number of BJP members alone in UP will enable National BJP surpass CCP members’ numbers.

BJP is now a craze in UP, its people tired with lies, deceit, conceit, concealment of all parties including Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Rashtriya Lok Dal etc. UPites refuse to be compelled to follow the Netas’ “Do What I Say, Don’t Do What I Do, Don’t Even Try to Emulate or Copy Me.” UPites now are all set to make Politicians look redundant, paupers, grotesque, pygmies, dwarfs, beggars, famine-stuck in front of them.

UPites from all through UP (in far flung Bahraich, Siddharta Nagar to Ghaziabad, Gautam Budh Nagar to Renukoot, Mirzapur to Bulandshahr, Muzaffarnagar to Jhansi to Etawah, Etah, Mainpuri, Meerut to Lucknow, Barabanki, Faizabad, Basti, Deoria, to Renukoot to everywhere in the state) are getting uniform messages from their various kith-n-kin that as MP of Varanasi/Benares/Kashi, Modi is transforming The Timeless City/District/Assembly Constituencies/Corporation Wards. People of all types here are mighty excited that The Timeless Area is in Development Ladder.

Most amazing phenomenon of Modi is, he is not resorting to any criticism, castigation, disparagement, running down any party or personality for keeping UP backward rather, primitive time like. Instead he is telling UPites what he or his Government want to do for the entire state and its all levels up to the grass root or Panchayat Level : Only Development. Since this is the (only) agenda for UP (for the entire state in fact), there is no issue of any kind of partiality, partisan approach, special favors, denial of rights or due, favoritism : Modi is fully clear on that. Further, Beginning of Development, its continuation will obviously relate to direct/indirect employment for en masse. There will be no reservation/pacification/partialty/favori-

tism of any kind in that. UPites do believe his assurances as they are watching his Governance all over the country, they are getting feed back on that as well. For them, it is favorable/positive/encouraging, far better than sectarian governance of present government.

It needs to be mentnioned here that Shah’s further focus on BJP’s increased members are in Assam, West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Tamil Nadu. To achieve his target, Shah is veritably slogging with the party insiders in these states and are constantly consulting them with specific, stray, definite, focused, targeted, aimed ways to make BJP the household name in these states.  Authoritative Sources claim, Shah wants equal popularity for the BJP all through the country in the line of Modi’s “realistic plan”. To achieve that, Shah wants BJP have mammoth number of members all through the country. Also, all members in BJP all through the country should all of them equal weightage in the BJP with none more important than the other. Shah’s aim is : Countrymen should consider BJP to be synonymous with India, per se and all places in this country. Thus, all’s developments in all sectors are must, equal, of same status. Only when this happens, India as such will look 1st World. As long as under development will be there anywhere in the country, it will resemble “developing country”. Modi does not want that.  Modi wants India to be Developed Country. It then will automatically be egalitarian (Listen All Ye Socialists, Samajwads, Commies, Marxists, Lefties, Left Of Centre, Left extremists, Progressive, Ultra-Socialists, German Brand of Socialists, American Brand of Socialists, British Brand of Socialists, Lohia-ites, JP-ites, Mandal-Kamandal protagonists etc).

More than two months after the BJP launched its online membership programme, the party has assuredly registered mammoth numbers of members. Calls come in day in and day out, observe managers of the party cell manning membership drive. Before the online membership drive, the party had 80 lace members. On November 1 last year, party’s online membership drive was launched with PM Modi becoming its first member.

The Party added first 1 Crore member within first month’s completion. Second crore members was added within 22 days. Third crore in (not, unlucky, at all ) 13 days.

According to Shah, BJP got 1.54 Cr votes in UP and won 73 out of total 80 MP seats in 2014 Parliament Elections but the total online party members in the state had already crossed 1.85 Cr. Such rapid rise in party’s membership in UP is significant as the state goes to the polls in 2017.

To conclude : BJP’s present membership drive will complete by ensuing March 31 this year followed by Sampark Abhiyan where old members will interact with the new members as part of verification drive.

“This will be followed by a training programme for new members with about 15 lakh members trained in one go in June-July. Of these, some 50,000 will be short listed to take over as party office-bearers from Village Pradhan level,” described a senior BJP leader.

They in turn will increase party’s membership base further.

Naturally then, BJP will surpass PPC

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