C/o … MUKUL’s TACIT REVENGE Ageing Trinamool Effete


Once bitten (kicked instead of bitten, to be precise), twice shy (flagrantly opposite to it, actually) specialising Mukul Roy’s swashbuckling revenge (he was humilatedly kicked out of the party he made/popularized/promoted ; later he was readmiited again in the party it realizing his importance, indulgence, relevance in the party’s immediate future popularity) with “Nagad Narain” Naradlike indulgence in fully scandalizing/disparaging/discriminating//denigrating/dissipating/decoding “out-n-out corrupt” Trinamool Congress (its entire statewide, every villagewise on-field maker right from its inception is taciturn, cherubic Mukul Roy) is ‘bang hit on bull’s eye’ unabashedly admit all and sundry in the state. Via (unknown) Mathew Samuel, Mukul showed himself taking hard cash tantamounting to crores in return of favors to him thereby exhibiting Trinamool Congress’ ‘lust’ for money like other parties. Egged on by him, Mathew Samuel even succeeded in showing all the highbrow Trinamool Congress maker-mobiliser-mesmeriser + Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-confidantes taking crores in return of this-n-that favor/s including outclassing “many till-then unheard of diabolical twists-n-turns in eliminating important entities from the state”.
Among them are : high profile Trinamool Congress MP +former Union Minister Sultan Ahmed, MPs Prasoon Banerjee, Ratna De Naga etc. They are even shown (in the recorded videos) rejoicing in utmost celebration/s that they bypassed Mamata Banerjee (‘Keeskaa Deedee, Kahan Ka Deedee, Deedee Hoga Apne Ghar mein; Hum to Note Lekar Farloo Ho Jaate Hain…’) making merry with their booty.
According to Mathew Samuel, their potpourri merry-making with the millions of currencies were worth watching to believe it! Nowhere they exhibited that they were anti-CPI(M) etc, rather they resembled anti-Mamata Banerjee and her family kith and kin including her MP-nephew Abhishek Banerjee + others like Derek O’Brien, Shatabdi Roy, Sandhya Roy, Mithun Chakrabarty, Shrimati “MoonMoon” Sen etc.
JUST IN PRINT reliably understands that in the immediate days to come, on them also, Mathew Samuel will ‘expose’ similar videos to show them more money-lovers than the above.
Lastly, he will screen Mamata Banerjee as the real motivator of the above all. She will be shown with mammoth wads of hard currencies including $, Euros, Saudi Dinars etc.
To his friends-n-compatriots, MP-nephew Abhishek Banerjee apparently has confessed that his “peecee” (Mamata Banerjee to be precise) will not be Prime Minister in the coming days unlike what was anticipated about her as she has been successfully projected as being not “non-corrupt”, honest being far away. If she is otherwise, she should at least issue show cause notice to all of them who were shown by Mathew Samuel taking “ghoos(h)”. About himself, Abhishek is saying that he too has been tactfully trapped — albeit, tacitly — by Samuel who now will “air” the tapes. It will be further embrassing for his “peeceee”. Under the circumstances, he is at his wit’s end seriously wondering with his friend-for-all-purposes Derek how to wriggle out of the present predicament and bring relief to “peecee”.
Now onto the bare fact/s : Intelligence sources in the state already have assessed/calculated/surveyed door-to-door that the next state government will also be chief ministered by “Aamaader Shobaar Preeyo Deedee” Mamata Banerjee. Factually, against her in her assembly constituency Bhavanipur, Indian National Congress’ former Union Minister — now defeated MP — Deepa DasMunshi and the BJP’s Chandra Bose — claimant of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s direct descendant will lose deposit as they will not receive even basic minimum required votes. Even the CPI(M) + Left Front votes, despite CPI(M) candidate contesting, will vote for her en masse. Local CID sources assuredly assess, masses in Bhavanipur in South Kolkata want to send their “ghorer praarthee” MamataDeedee to the State Assembly/Nabanna with highest margin victory in the whole state. Lefties in Bhavanipur openly support Mamata Banerjee vociferously claiming “Bhavanipurer Gourob — Mamata Banerjee, Tnaakey Shobthekey Odheek Margineh Jetao. Aamaader ei daabee Bhavanipurer shobaaikey maante hobey. Noiley kee hobe tokhon/totkhonaat dekhbey” .
Almost same feelings/support persist all throughout the state although Mukul Roy does not agree with that. This time, people of the state will use their independent thinking (?) and exercise their franchise. Results of the elections will be surprising for all and sundry. Even the supercilious election forecasters will be proved wrong. Gullibly, they will gape at election results turning their assessments/predictions/forecasts fully wrong. It now can’t be said/assessed/forecasted who will form the Government but this is for sure, there will be shocking surprises for many. It will be an “international shock/supreme earthquake/unforeseen sunami” according to Mukul Roy who officially continues to be cadaverous, cherubic, chimeless, non-cantekerous, silently-cavalier.
His lackeys/yes-men/slickers/supporters/praisers however remain en masse all throughout the state. At the same time, this also needs to be emphasized here that if “Deedee” segregates him from the party, they will convert to her, her dictums, her directions, her directives. As of now it is not there. …Mukul Roy thus is the self-claimed mass leader,more popular in the grass roots than even ‘DeeDee’. If hopes are horses beggars like Mukul will ride them goes the present saying in the state. Mukul Roy, the enfant terrible from all accounts, however remains unperturbed. He continues to be all eyes and ears of DeeDee. She continues to accord him all importance, according to TC (Trinamool Congress) insiders. Simultaneously, it needs to be asked here did she anticipate Mukul to scandalize her by fiddling in/toying with/peddling into/accepting hard cash as Ghoos(h) along with other party MPs inspired/instigated/initiated by him.
It must be mentioned here that truly speaking, his admittance in the BJP, Indian National Congress and even CPI(M) are mutually pre-fixed the moment he will want so worthy he is for them all. Till he opts for them, he continues to disparage DeeDee in every possible way he can. He is hellbent on not allowing Mamata Banerjee to win ensuing assembly elections in the state. With him are a host of party big shots, MPs, MLAs, office bearers all throughout the state. Their names have been kept ‘secret’ according to their requests. At the right time, they will be disclosed. Rather, they will be automatically disclosed. Or, unearthed, evinced.
LAST PARA : Masses of West Bengal are totallty with Mamata Banerjee, fed up as they are with Laal Shelaam, Laal Pataka, Laaley Laal of the CPI(M), CPI, Forward Bloc, Revolutionary Socialist Party and like. Masses want, she should be the state’s CM for the time being. Only she can cleanse the ills of the CPI(M)+ in the state. They do not want the Congress either. About the BJP, they want to test it further.

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