Sandeep Dikshit, The Gabbar, Finishes AAP


By Soumitra Bose/Mukesh Kumar Sinha

Gabbar (read Sandeep Dikshit for Gabbar)  : Hmmmm…. Kitane aadmi hai?

Kejriwal: Sandeep… sirf aur sirf 6 aadmi hai. Prashan Bhushan, Ooska Baap Shanti Bhushan, Yogendra Yadavb, Alka Lamba, Shazia Ilmi, Kiran Bedi, Rakhi Billa. Taiyar aur ho rahe hain. Kal-parson naye wale mereko bhasma karne mein lag jayenge. Bachao Sandeep mujhe bachao. Mujhe abhee CMgiri karna hai. Mujhe RahaGiri nahee chaaheeye. Mai Dilli ka Mukhya Mantri Bane Rahana Chahata Hoon.
Gabbar, oops, actually Sandeep: hmmm… Che aadmi ? ….  woh 6  aur tum darjano…phir bhi mere paas waapas aagayeye jaise AAP banana se pahale aakar geergeeraye the. Ab khaali haath ho gaye… kya samaz kar aaye ho mere paas?…
Sandeep Dikshit bahoot toomse bahoot khus hoga, sabasi dega kyoon? DHIKKAR HAI …Arre O Saamba (read Rajesh, his alter ego,  for Samba)… kitna inaam rakkhe hai Modi sarkaar ham par? Oonko madad karoon to…
Sambha: Poore panchso crore…
Sandeep : Oooops. Sandeep again : Soona… poore panchso crore… aur yeh inaam isliye hai ke yaha se pachas, pachas kos door gaon-shahar me jab bachcha raat ko rota hai to maa kahti hai
beta soja …soja nahi to Sandeep Dikshit aa jaayega aur Congress feer le aayega. Aur yeh h–…ye Sandeep Dikshit kaa naam poora mitti me milaay diye…iski sajaa tereko jaroor milegi…
barobar milegi…Aam Aadmi Party ab khatm ke aur. …
Kejriwal: ..s..s…Sandeep… maine aapkaa namak khaayaa hai Sandeep.
Sandeep: Ab… bandh  AAP dekh… jo dar gayaa … samazo mar gayaa…wahee haalaat Kejriwal tera hai. Too kahee ka nahi tha. Tereko oothakar Dilli ka CM banaya maine. Too moojhee ko kinara karke AAP chala liya aur CM bhee ban gaya eisa tereko laga. Ab dekh kaise mai AAP khatm karta hoon, ees saal ke ant tak. AAP kee eisee kam taisee. Tere bhee abhee khair nahee. Ram, Ram Jap, saath mein yeh bhee : Ram Naam Satya Hai, Baakee Sab Kejriwal-maya Hai, Jo Kuch Bhee Thora Bahoot Bacha, Woh Paanee Mein Doob Gaya, Kejrowal Hi, Hi…    .



Virtuoso, ambidexterous Sandeep Dikshit (defeated Congress MP, where now none know of it, yet, his remote control is all pervasive in capital’s strengthened, consolidated power circles; his political machinations are still longed for by all and sundry in all parties including those in the BJP where he is a household name in all quarters) is out to demolish AAP. He’s furious at Kejriwal ditching him, ignoring him, bypassing him. Ever since Kejriwal swept Delhi Assembly Elections, he couldn’t care less a wee bit to telephone Dikshit from who he took all the “dope” to make AAP victorious all over again in the capital.

It’s a fact, say close confidantes of Sandeep Dishit, he’s 1 man 24-hour Think Tank living on pizzas, 1 man Demolition Squad surviving on clinching toughest of issues, 1 Man (good or bad) Practical Workable Theories-Maker (like dooming Power Elite in the Congress), Precursor of Implementer (strategies sublime), Shrewdness Personified (perfectly inherited from his late  grand father Uma Shankar Dikshit, maker of late Indira Gandhi), Experienced Dreamer-cum-Implementer (inherited from his Mom Sheila Dikshit), Calls-Spade-A-Spade-without-any-slightest-hesitation (his own trait), is adamant (ought to be being Dikshit), obstinate (ought to be being Dikshit) when he wants to be. All these are reminiscent of late Uma Shankar Dikshit, maker of late India Gandhi as PM against all odds against her then. Sandeep is his “all round able” grand son personified. (He wants to make Rahul Gandhi, the PM with him as his all-purpose Chanakya).


Most recent example of Sandeep Dikshit stamp : “Elitist culture of Congress has produced arrogance.Congress has no genuine leaders, adding that the ‘elitist culture’ of the grand old party has produced arrogance. He openly stressed on the need for introducing new faces to the party, also cautioning the Congress of ‘copying’ the Aam Aadmi Party on economic issues and the Bharatiya Janata Party on all issues relating to secularism.

Dikshit’s comments came a day after his mother and former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit stated that she ‘pitied’ Ajay Maken, who was the Chief Ministerial candidate for the Congress in the recently held Delhi assembly polls, adding that his ‘style’ had not helped the grand old party.

Coming to at-the-moment : Unlike in the last Delhi Assembly Elections wherein Dikshit was known to have played a crucial role in galvanizing AAP to win Delhi polls to keep anti-Congress BJP out of power in Delhi, this time, he was shunted out bby Kejriwal. The latter considered Dikshit to be damage-maker, destroyer for him. He however forgot that it is because of Dikshit’s labyrinthine political machinations, he succeeded in winning Delhi last time albeit, short of some seats required to form Government on his own.

This time, he won. In an unprecedented first for the national capital, the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party received 67 seats out of the 70 on offer in the Delhi polls. With this extraordinary mandate, the AAP has become the first non-Congress and non-BJP party to rule the city.

(Congress in power in Delhi for 15 years up to 2013 presently is trying to rebuild its lost ground in the city. It abysmally failed to even open its account in the Delhi polls. That is, “0” in Delhi).

Back to Dikshit, The Inimitable Strategist+Implementor+Demolition Man is now fully engrossed in smashing the complete credibility of Kejrwal adopting following methods — of course, his name is no where there. But his stamp of approval is there in all present demolitions in the anti-Kejriwal fraction/faction/groups/lobbies ridden AAP, seemingly out to be vanished this year itself.

Latest Dikshit machination:AAP leader+astute think tank  Mayank Gandhi to Quit Party — Rumblings within the Aam Aadmi Party taken a new turn when AAP leader Mayank Gandhi threatened to quit the party, accusing a “small group of party decision-makers” in Delhi of targeting him for decrying removal of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav from the party’s Political Affairs Committee.

He said that a concerted effort persistently, insistently is being made on social media to portray him as “anti-party” and “anti-AK” (Arvind Kejriwal).

Gandhi claims similar attempts are being made to “humiliate” and oust Yadav and Bhushan from the party but they overturned that plan by not quitting.

“A price may have to be paid. A small group of party decision-makers in Delhi have already removed me from the core group. Attacks have begun against me from Ashish Khetan and others,” he writes in a blog defying a “gag order” (height of dictatorialism nullifying democracy) imposed by the party.
The comments were made in a fresh blog titled ‘2nd note to volunteers-again from the heart’ by the AAP leader who had abstained from voting in the National Executive or NE meeting held on Wednesday.

“Some people give television interviews all through the day while some work for the progress of Delhi and the country. Some people write blogs, while some people write history,” Khetan tweets.

Gandhi, the AAP leader from Mumbai, also lashes out at the party for its “non-transparent” decisions and demanded that all NE meetings be video-recorded and volunteers allowed to watch the same.


Earlier, Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan were unsummarily, disparagingly removed from key AAP panel. They are founder members. Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have been sacked from its decision-making process as it battling the first major internal crisis in its three-year history.

AAP Cannot Be Reduced to Any One Individual Arvind Kejriwal : fumed enraged Yogendra Yadav. After being dropped from the Aam Aadmi Party’s Political Affairs Commiittee, the party’s founder-member Yogendra Yadav, in an exclusive interview, said that though Arvind Kejriwal has acquired an iconic stature, “to assume organisationally party can be reduced to that, would be unfortunate.” He told that AAP has struggled between “remaining viable, successful, winnable and being ethical, different, ideal”, and that if his and Prashant Bhushan’s departure has helped highlight some of these principles, it has actually served the cause.

BOTTOM LINE : Getting the hang of Dikshit-style which is insidious above but no where it is mentioned. Sandeep Dikshit specializes in such political machinations. Of course again, he was defeated as MP in the last Lok Sabha Elections. His political talents remain intact. …Kejriwal’s days now are numbered.


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