About US

“We Reflect the Truth “
Ten years ago, Just in Print was conceived as a reaction to the dumping down that was taking place in the mainstream media. Newspapers, magazines and television were celebrating trivia and giving precedence to lifestyle and fluff. It was (and continues to be) a phase of terrible political and social decline, with stunning mediocrity and celebrity success replacing aesthetic refinements, deeper intellectual pursuits and cultural high points. The big picture had become shallow and metro- centric. Hence the urge and need for Just In Print. India’s Young Journal was conceived in the minds of Journalist friends. Without hue and cry the new born baby AKA Just in Print walked out.

At present Just IN Print has more than 7 Lakhs Reader’s across the globe.We aim to become one of the largest print network house in the coming days.
JIP is the “Youngest Journal” edited by putative Journalists , multi-media initiative for participatory reportage and analyses related to governance of all institutions and processes that are vital to public life in India. Currently, we are available as www.justinprint.in (as Digital Magazine), and Just IN Print the fortnightly print magazine.

Just IN Print due to its positive market stand & credibility has Clients and Associates from Diverse backgrounds. It sheds it light from Maharatna- PSU’s(Public Sector Undertakings), Various Ministries of Government of India , Big Corporate Companies and at last till Senior Journalists and Bureaucrats.

This List Includes PSU’s like SAIL(Steel Authority of India Limited), Power Finance Corporation of India(PFC), Power Grid Corporation of India Limited(PGC) etc,Ministries Includes Ministry of Consumer Affairs,Government of India, Ministry of Food & Public Distribution,Government of India , Food Corporation of India (F.C.I) ,Corporate Houses Includes Amrapali Group, Real Gold Builders Private Limited, Ahuja Carpets, Paras Hospital,Essem HI-Tech Private Limited, CCJM India Limited, National Textile Corporation Limited (NTC) And Lots More………..

Our editorial team Comprises Senior Journalists, Citizen Journalists(C.J) , Senior Writers and Guest Writers from diverse disciplines and professional backgrounds. All of us are passionate about transparency and accountability in our national public life.

What has brought these top editors (and the rest of the team with diverse experience in journalism) on to this platform is one core belief: that governance is not an issue to grapple . Both governance and the lack of it impact our lives more than anything else in our ecosystem. Demands for better governance are on the rise and new policies and concepts of governance are popping up like corn on a flame. Much as our editors dislike pop-corn journalism, they are eager to capture, gather, report and reflect these new initiatives in governance so that all stakeholders know what’s working and what needs working in this ‘Youngest Journal” of India. Thus our tag line Truth with Substance holds strong in our future run..