INDIA & RUSSIA: Relations Re Strengthened, Re Cherished  & Re-freshed


(Report Compiled by Dr Siddharth Gupta & Prateek Jain)

For centuries Russia had been terra incognito to warm welcoming every Indian. Since India attained Independence, Indians have always been drawing nearer to Russia.

India & Russia has always stood side by side together even during the toughest moment and has proved to be a friend in need and a friend indeed. This has stimulated greater interest than ever before in the history of that country with which India now has special relations.

India has always been optimistic with the recent visits of Russian President Vladimir Putin  Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin and President of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russian  Federation) Rustam Minnikhanov  held back to back successively in New Delhi.

In a recent statement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an apt description of the depth of Indian-Russian relations, which will mark their 60th Anniversary next year, If you ask anyone among the more than one billion people living in India who are country’s greatest fiend is, every person, every child knows, that it is Russia.”

Prime Minister Modi has infused a rejuvenated refreshness and multitude  in the newest chapter of  zenith with  Russia and it’s Federal Republic.   The pact of Diamond Treaty, Declaration of Strategic Partnership, Technologically savy modern developments and on -going infrastructure advancements of smart cities are definitely a binder to synergistic partnership of the future.

Today, India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies; thereby trade with Russia has been growing steadily. Bilateral partnership in arena of Infrastructure, Investments, Health care will surely motivate, innovate and integrate the revival of newer opportunities with added dimensions.

Russia  also emphasize the necessity for reforming United Nations system so that India can always conform to the realities of the contemporary world and Russia has always resonated that India should secure a permanent UN Security Council Seat.

In one of our recent meetings with President of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation) Rustam Minnikhanov and Mr Kirill Dmitriev , they have expressed  that bilateral agreements will further contribute to interests of international communities and progressive relationship in expanding business circles as well. Unsurprisingly, India and Russia plan to boost bilateral trade to $15 billion as early as next year and double it within the five years.

Dr Siddharth Gupta in partnership Meeting with Mr Kirill Dmitriev & With President of Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation)  Rustam Minnikhanov

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