INDIA & CANADA: Nurturing ties & Relationships


India and Canada have a long history of working together. With recent visit of The Premier of Ontario Ms.Kathleen Wynee to New Delhi, newer collaborations and MOU’s have been signed that can be accomplished by working together and can create a natural connection for fostering trade and investment between two nations.
Canadian delegation trade mission to India shall definitely play an important role in creating a stronger economy and foundation for futuristic business deals that will also strengthen cultural ties between Indo-Canadian jurisdictions.
With time, established Indo-Canadian foundations has developed strong ties with policy makers, business leaders, academicians and opinion makers in Canada with theme of promotion of trade, investment and innovation that also build skills and identify core competencies, mobilise energy assets attributable to the dedication of present governments of India and Canada respectively.
Prime Minister Modi has always initiated ways that generate trade, jobs and economic growth for Indo-Canadian region that will also maintain and further strengthen commercial ties.
Minister Brad Duguid while leading the delegation from Ontario to India has expressed his confidence that newer agreements will increase exports and draw on their expertise in sustainable development and urban infrastructure.
Contrary, Indian companies has also identified key sectors in Ottawa which have high growth potential – aerospace, defence, security, digital media, life sciences, software and communication technology. From an idea to international expansion, Ottawa helps support local business growth and expansion, business intelligence and market analysis, resource for entrepreneurs, international expansion and international investment attraction.
India and Canada have always been steadfast partners. India and Canada enjoy an exceptionally warm relationship, which is the fruit of deep affinities and the unwavering trust between the two countries since the independence of India. An intense cooperation was established in areas as sensitive as defence, security and energy under the strategic partnership as well.
The relations between Canada and India stem from deep-rooted cultural attraction, the legacy of history, and a sheer interest in each other’s cultures that dates back to centuries. Our countries thus share the same references and values, enshrined in our respective constitutions.
India and Canada have a shared commitment to develop technology and knowledge.
Higher Education is shaping the success of Indians & Canadians globally. The excellence of Canadian higher education is recognized throughout the world. Be it, Algonquin College of applied arts and technology whose mission is to transform hopes and dreams into skills and knowledge, leading to life long career and success or Carleton University that identify opportunities for joint academic programs with Indian partner institutions and strengthen student recruitment strategy.
Moreover, Ryerson University has signed two agreements during this Ontario mission to India, and has continued opportunities for collaboration with Indian stakeholders. Culturally diverse and inclusive India and Canada are nurturing existing relationships that have been established with higher education systems in India.
In terms of general business, Asia Pacific foundation of Canada works on current theme of trade promotion, investment and innovation by catalysing an engagement with not only India but also Asia’s bridge to Canada.
To sum up, let India and Canada bring together educators, researchers, social scientists, entrepreneurs and business experts to bridge the gap between what people need and what governments can provide. Maintaining and strengthening our commercial ties with each other at this juncture is enormously important that will continue to build on the fundamentals, including a highly skilled workforce and a culture of innovation.

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