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Not only in India, but entire Asia bamboo has been inseparable part of religious rituals, art, music events and daily routine life for ages. Be it Krishna’s flute, cradles of children, walking stick of senior citizens……..or last journey of life. Called poor man’s wood, bamboo has carved identity of Green Gold in the age of Mars Mission. Demand for cloth made of bamboo fiber, dishes, furniture and costly crafts has increased in entire world. Even majestic buildings are made of bamboo.
Bamboo has emerged as friend of environment. It has unique quality of emitting profuse quantity of lifesaving oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide and high intensity radiation. When burnt, it emits very less carbon dioxide due to which it is regarded as pollution-free fuel etc.
Keeping in view innumerous benefits of bamboo and for extending its benefits to state’s craftspersons, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan convened Bans Shilpi Panchayat at his residence on June 24, 2013. As a result of announcements made at this Panchayat, State Bamboo Mission was constituted under National Bamboo Mission on July 3, 2013. Earlier, Forest Department had celebrated year 2010 as Bamboo Plantation Year under Hariyali Mahotsav. Within a short span of 2 years, works undertaken by the Mission not only paved the way of economic progress of bamboo craftspersons, entrepreneurs and producers, but also disseminated fame of Madhya Pradesh in the country and abroad.
Madhya Pradesh has maximum forest area in the country where natural bamboo forests are spread over 5.55 lakh hectares in 22 districts. However, 42 percent of them are degraded bamboo forests. There are human resources, but need to be trained. Since it is situated in the heartland of the country, Madhya Pradesh can be future gateway for investors. Rising demand of bamboo in the world can boost rural economy of the state. A vision document has been chalked out to fulfill Bamboo Mission’s objectives. It mainly comprises development of resources and entrepreneurship and expansion of marketing. A number of works have been undertaken by the mission utilizing Rs. 2116.83 lakh received from National Bamboo Mission.

Mission’s works Economic Financial
Bamboo nurseries 17 Rs. 46.19 lakh
Bamboo plantation 5850 hectares Rs.1329.50 lakh
Upgradation of degraded forests 1400 hectares Rs. 120 lakh
Training to farmers, bamboo craftspersons, staff and bamboo entrepreneurs 1800 participants Rs. 25.60 lakh
Workshops/seminars 8 Rs. 15 lakh
Bans Bazaars/Fairs 6 Rs. 87.33 lakh

Through the Mission, Madhya Pradesh has carved identity as a major bamboo state. The state has taken lead at the national level. For the first time in the country, separate Bamboo Investors Meet was held at Bhopal in June where 44 investors showed intent for investment. Investors from China, Belgium, Germany, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tripura, Gujarat, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal etc. attended it. The meet bridged the gap between bamboo producing farmers, craftspersons, entrepreneurs, investors and government. On behalf of National Bamboo Mission, the State Bamboo Mission held National Bamboo Bazaar at Delhi Haat where district level bamboo craftspersons, entrepreneurs and experts from various states were invited. The mission held discussions with Ministers and officers of 8 Union Ministries linked to bamboo industry for institutional arrangements at national level. During the discussions, significant decisions were taken on whose basis efforts are being made to include National Bamboo Development Authority and Bamboo Policy in NITI Ayog.
Mission continues to lead
// Bans Geet //
Janmotsav se muktidhaam tak, sath nibhata Bans hai
Janmotsav se muktidhaam tak, sath nibhata Bans hai
Badhata sab se tez, nibhata barson tak ka sath ye
Kaisi hi dharti main apni jaden jamata thath se
Pranvayu sarvadhik deta, dooshit ko pee jata hai
Sanrakshan karta dharti ka, pani shuddh banata hai
Krishakon ke atirikt aay ka, sadhan banata Bans hai
Vanwasi, grameenon sabko, rozi roti deta Bans hai
Janmotsav se muktidhaam tak, sath nibhata Bans hai
Janmotsav se muktidhaam tak, sath nibhata Bans hai
Kursi, table, pankha, kagaz, kapada bhi is se banata
Kai vanya jeevon ko Jeevan, patti, goode par palta
Yah virat hai roop ghas ka, ispati gun se bharpoor
Satat aay ka sadhan, ghatak keede rahte is se door’
Vaigygnik vidhiyon se ham ko, khoob lagana Bans hai
Aay badhane wala, sukh ka karak apna Bans hai
Janmotsav se muktidhaam tak, sath nibhata Bans hai
Janmotsav se muktidhaam tak, sath nibhata Bans hai
India has entered bamboo industries sector for the first time at international level. During last 3 international activities, Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission not only was nodal agency, but also played important role. On May 6, 2015, Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission took part in discussion “Bamboo : A Change Agent for Livelihood and Climate Change” in tandem with Ministry of Forests and Environment and TERI, New Delhi at United Nations, New York. As a result, attention of entire world was diverted towards excellent works being undertaken in Madhya Pradesh for livelihoods and environment. The mission also gave an impressive presentation at Global Bamboo Summit at Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam on April 23, 2014. The state mission also organised International Event Delhi Sustainability Summit as nodal agency on February 5, 2015. State Bamboo Mission, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Forest Minister and Chief Secretary have been invited to “World Bamboo Congress” to be held from September 16 to 23 at Damyang in Korea.
Madhya Pradesh state with maximum bamboo species
The mission has taken several novel initiatives. With plantation of bamboo saplings of 79 species at Laharpur ecological park at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh has become the first state with maximum number of bamboo species in the country. As many as 100 bamboo species will be grown here. So far, this record was held by Kerala with 68 species. A target has been set to grow 200 species of country and abroad in this setum. Mukhyamantri Kisan Bans Yojana has been introduced to motivate farmers to grow hybrid species of bamboo in their fields and scientific management of bamboo. A target has been set under the scheme to link 5 lakh farmers to bamboo industry and plant 5 crore saplings of bamboo in next 5 years.
Bamboo plantation was included in MNREGA for the first time. During last year, 14 lakh bamboo saplings were planted. In tandem with Bhopal Municipal Corporation, a bamboo-based bus stop is being constructed. Availability, species and types of bamboo needed by industry have been assessed. As pilot project, the scheme has been introduced in Jabalpur and Mandla.
Skill upgradation of bamboo craftspersons
Interesting facts about bamboo
• Bamboo is stronger than steel. Its flexibility is 28,000 PSI as against steel’s 24000 PSI.
• Cloth made of bamboo fiber is porous and pleasant.
• Being cent percent degradable, bamboo is better than plastic.
• It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
• Compared to other trees, bamboo emits 66.60 percent more oxygen.
• Houses made of bamboo are earthquake resistant. Over 100 crore people dwell in the world in bamboo houses.
• Bamboo wood is ready for use in 3-5 years and other trees 10-20 years.
• Bamboo saplings do not need insecticides and chemical fertilisers to survive.
• Bamboo shoots are best fodder for animals.
• Except Antarctica, bamboo is found everywhere in the world.
• Several medicines are prepared using bamboo in India and China.
• A medicinal substance Vanshlochan, which is like camphor is obtained from bamboo.
• In second century BC, manuscripts were written on dry bamboo leaves.
• In the beginning, minimum Rs. 3-4 lakh per annum can be earned by growing bamboo in one acre and upto Rs. 8 lakh from 8th year onwards.
• Thomas Edison had used bamboo to strengthen his swimming pool from which water has not seeped till date.
• Bamboo was the first sapling to grow naturally after atom b
To enable state’s bamboo craft and products to compete at national and international markets, the mission is paying special attention to upgradation of craftspersons’ skills. They are being imparted training at national level institutes and experts at various workshops. In a novel initiative, bamboo workshops are being held in the localities of bamboo craftspersons. A national workshop was also held to use bamboo in building construction where discussions were held by officers of Housing Board, builders of bamboo-based houses, engineers, architects etc. discussions were held at coordination workshops at Bhopal, Indore, Balaghat, Seoni, Hoshangabad, Khandwa, Betul and Jabalpur on Bans Utsav and Bans Puruskar. The mission is holding research-oriented seminars in tandem with national and international representatives on bamboo management, carbon credit, solution to craftspersons’ problems, challenges and solutions etc. Results of these seminars are proving beneficial for the state, country and world.
The mission is organising Bans Utsav, Bans Mela and Bamboo Mart to make available high quality market and exposure to bamboo craftspersons. The mission organised national level bamboo markets at Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior and Delhi. These competitive markets involving bamboo craft, furniture, machinery used in bamboo trade, buyer-seller meets are gaining popularity and through them craftspersons have also started getting new orders. The mission has also opened Bamboo Emporium at Bhopal Haat where materials of various districts’ bamboo craftspersons are sold.

courtesy : MPinfo

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