Take – A – Break

“What is this life, if full of care, there is no time to stand and stare”. What is it that you want from life? This question is variedly answered by most of us, but every answer sums up to one simple word – Happiness. What is a life’s worth if it does not give you happiness and contentment. But is life capable of providing that happiness? Who decides the calibre of your life? It’s none other than you.

But now-a days happiness is derived in a different manner. Disrespectful bosses are way better than your caring family. Crowded trains and honking roads are more soothing than a child’s laughter. Strangers’ criticism is much important than your wife’s appreciation. Thinking about 30 years hence all the time is more necessary than reliving the happy moments sometimes. Isn’t it true? Think again. Do you really believe that all the precious money you earn by working double shifts is doing any good for your life or your need to be happy. What is the point if you can’t see your child play or cant go with your mother to watch her favourite movie or forget to wish your friend his or her birthday or your own child is seeking your attention by playing deadly games? So, just for once, take a seat back. Project your life in front of your eyes and judge your performance. Be your own critic. Learn from your own worst. And then thrive out of it. Take a vacation, mesmerize yourself with the sound of pure beauty. Give a smile so contagious that no one can ever frown upon you. Build a house of cards with your child, go for that movie with your mother, take care of your loved ones, forget what is happening in the world and take that much deserved personal day.

Loose your worries and the worries will loose you. Know that the invaluable, the innocent and the uncomplicated version of life is the one you want to truly experience. So, take off your stress bandages and live simple yet so hard that life finally has a reason to love you back.

Find yourself the moments to stand and stare.

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