Modi-Sociology Stuck


By Soumitra Bose

Ebullient, (Constantly) Concerned, Connected, Cryptic, Compact, Committed, Comforter, Convivial NarendraBhai ManoharDas Modi Sociology — introduced all through India in 2014 — has stuck on for all times to come, like it or not, prefer to detest it or lap it up, form covalent bond with it or be ostracised compulsorily since Modi wants all Indians of all hues to be ‘equal’. Naturally then, new sociology is herein to stay till its changed. Interestingly, it will not be changed hereafter ever because when all will be equal, no sections of any Indian Society will allow change in it. …2015 onward thus, it will be Modi-Sociology all through.

Says fully wonderstruck but fluent in all aspects of Sociology Delhi School of Economics situated Department of Sociology Head of Department Abhijit DasGupta: “There is no sociology in India today. By that I mean, Sociology as persuaded in India since centuries. …Entire sociology of India turned topsy-turvy, upside down after NarendraBhai initiated countrymen of all hues, all castes, creed, credo into Chalo Chale Modi Ke Sangh. No sooner than the Indians held hands of ModiBhai, Sociology then and there changed in the fastest jiffy. New Sociology called Modi Sociology became synonymous with India. All its traditional, conventional factors intrinsic in sociology in India became effete. Also, incongruous. Modi began New India with Newest Concepts that of Development For All, Development of India, Make In India, Made In India. When all Indians are fully involved in this scenario duly supported by Modi-Government every where in the country, naturally it is The New Sociology in India. And, it is here to stay because all people are immensely liking it. Equal opportunity for every one. No discrimination of any kind.”

Adds his colleague Roma Chatterjee : “All of us who’ve always been Left of Centre, lovers of Left Ideology, seers of Sociology in Left way have now forcibly been automatically persuaded to switch over to sing paeans for Narendra ModiJee. And why not, we do realize. He deserves it because he with his prowess has succeeded in tying India with a single thread that of development. Development is key word in all ideologies, idealism, thoughts, philosophies, sociology, practices…ModiJee tom-tomed, publicized, inculcated development as the newest spciology in the country. Countrymen are with it lock, stock, barrel. Naturally then, Development is the New Sociology in India leaving behind all the past Sociology of centuries Gone With The Wind.”

Emphatically butts in Head of 66-year-old Sociology Department in Gujarat University Professor M H Makwana : “ As Mass Campaigner all through the country and now as Prime Minister, NarendraBhai ModiJee is evincing that this country only needs Development of all kinds matching US, China, Japan, Ist World and even surpass them as soon as possible. Countrymen of all hues accept what he has told them. Cutting across their individual social discriminations, reservations, opinions, they have lined behind ModiJee to Make In India to turn India  into India as No. 1 in the Whole World in all sectors. This thus is new Sociology in India —- Modilogy for India, by India, of India.”

Chips in Maharaja SayajiRao University of Baroda’s Sociology Department’s head Pradeep Singh Choondawat : “NarendraBhai DamodarDas ModiJee as Prime Minister is emphatically acting on Bharat, Bharatiyon ka Oonnatee Pahale, Baakee Sab Ooske Peechey. Keeping this as uppermost assignment of his, he is administering the country with full gusto. He is tremendously successful in it. There is no snag in it of any kind. He will raise the status of India in the whole world at the shortest time.”

Openly supports Choondawat’s colleague Mandakini V Jha : “ModiJee as Pradhan Mantri is openly, officially evincing that in his Prime Ministership itself, Sociology in India will be Development. In it will be caste, creed, credo, individual likes/dislikes, regionalism, parochialism, Communism, Leftism, Rightism, Centrism, preferences etc which so far individually hampered India’s growth, progress, marching forward. From now only sociology in India is and will be Development/Pragatee/Oonnatee.”

To round up : For the first time, Sociologists are surprised, aghast, wonderstruck. They are yet to come to terms with the fact that only development can unite whole of acutely diverse India as now. And, how uniformly, smoothly, coolly Modi has ensured that Indians of all hues are with him in the true spirit of Chal Rahe Hain Modi ke Saath Oonnatee Karte Hooeh.

Before proceeding further : Official definition of Sociology : It is the development, structure, and functioning of human society.

It is the study of social problems.

Sociology today is social behaviour, its origins, development, organisation, and institutions. It is a social science that uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge about social order, social disorder and social change.

Socialresearchinforms politicians

and policy makers, educators, planners,lawmakers, administrators, developers, business magnates, managers, social workers, non-governmental organisations, non-profit organisations, and people interested in resolving social issues in general. There is often a great deal of crossover between social research, market research, and other statistical fields.


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