5 ‘Shades Of Grey’ In Every Mother’s Head. SSssHHHHhhh!!


By Payal Priyadarshini

As a mother, wife, daughter-in-law, sister, friend, professional, daughter etc when we have to do the same things all over again, day in and day out, we feel as if our life is like a film endlessly repeating the same scene and hence these thoughts keep passing my mind off and on.

Dealing with Morons – They may think that just by being a mother ‘WE’ will do everything right? WHY?? Let me confess – even we are clueless, I mean every mother care for her child but even we don’t know sometimes that how things work. Help us learn and then back off to give us a shot. Practice makes perfect. Haven’t you heard of that?


Kill your husband -A friend of mine who was constantly sad decided to visit a woman psychiatrist.

Friend: I want to kill my husband.

Psychiatrist (with a smile): Well, sometimes even I think about killing mine.

But they both knew that if every woman went through with their ‘secret wishes’, nearly all the children would be fatherless. This is a normal impulse.


To be that ‘Gone Girl’- when I saw the movie ‘Gone Girl’ with my bunch of girly gang, we NEVER thought, ‘how awful’ or ‘how could she?’  Instead – ‘ We wish we had the guts to do that.’ I mean seriously: how do these women have the guts? We suppressed our thoughts, of course, and quickly counted on our blessings: healthy children, good husband (loyal certainly); great job….


Dealing with monster in laws – “Why cant she just back off”? Like it or not you will be bombarded with your in-laws parenting experiences and opinions, and they are going to shove them down your throat and share them with you every chance they get. Even if it’s her way of being involved, its very irritating. Times may have changed, but they can’t help themselves. Somebody please tell them that we are the parents and hence we get to call the shots with our kids.


Lost Identity– Our life has totally changed from a free bird to a nurturing mother. We wake up to perform the same routine daily – brushing our teeth, getting dressed up for work, going to children’s bedroom, making breakfast for everyone, smiling, saying mechanically how good life is. In the process sometimes this gesture feels like a weight, which we can’t identify, like an animal that can’t really understand how it got caught in the trap.


Nothing to worry. These are just Thoughts. Just accept them, don’t try to get rid of them.

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