New challenges ahead – Infront of different political parties for UP assembly polls

As Indian politics has different dimensions and socio-economic equations
which add to the spice of caste creed and religion, all the politicos are
trying to save their own picket of voters and working hard to manage the
chunk of other box of voters.
Last six months or one year the ruling saffron party BJP tried to manage OBC voters that
comprise a large percentage of the total vote bank in Uttar Pradesh. The party worked hard
to add on regional leaders among OBC groups and tried to throw all kinds of tantrums to lure
them. at the same time the prime opposition Samajwadi and Bahujan Samajwadi parties were
working hard to lure indigenous farmers as outcome of the farmers agitation made them
understand that group of farmers were not with BJP anymore.
Caste based politics is very evident in electoral polls and no one can deny it. If to be believed
on the data one should understand the arithmetic of poll polarisation in Uttar Pradesh. Lets
look at the figures that may impact and change the result of coming 2022 assembly polls.
So basically the largest group of UP are:-
1:- JATAV- 2.28 crore (11.4%)
2:- BRAHMAN- 1.85 crore (9.25%)
3:- YADAV- 1.72 crore (8.60%)
4:- THAKUR(RAJPUT)- 1.45 crore( 7.25 %)
5:- BANIYA – 72 lac ( 3.6%)
And if we include sub caste or the castes who claim to be a part of other caste then the
ranking are as follows :-
1:- BRAHMAN :- 2.53 crore(12.65%)
2:- JATAV:- 2.28 crore ( 11.4%)
3:- THAKUR(RAJPUT) :- 2.11 crore(10.55%)
4:- YADAV:- 1.72 crore( 8.60%)
5:- BANIYA:- 72 lac(3.6%)
Figures may confuse you but as a voter I believe you understand your rights and you reserve
your right to whom you support and vote. Election commission of India always tries its best to
make it fair and to strengthen the largest democracy of the world as per population. Issue
of development seems to be taking a back seat

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