Ukraine at the centre stage of global conflict has put powerful countries on its toes.

Ukraine at the centre stage of global conflict has put powerful
countries on its toes. Diplomatic puzzle is pushing the big bulls
of the globe into a corner. Amid this crisis India faces a catch
22 situation. As Russian threat on Ukraine looms large, America
and European countries try to push hard to protect the interest of Ukraine. At
the same time China has aligned with Russia. Meanwhile France and Germany are
holding negotiations with Russia keeping European interests in view.
Russia wants a guarantee from western countries to curb further expansion of
NATO towards the East, the removal of troops from Poland and Baltic states
and possible removal of US nuclear weapons from Europe.
Russia also does not want Ukraine to join NATO and the US and European
countries have ruled this out. The two sides are negotiating through their
interlocutors in Paris.
India continues to act as an independent, unattached power and its ties with both
Russia and USA continue to grow. India has a growing India community in Ukraine
who mostly constitute medical students, some of who have settled in Ukraine and
also participate in the growing Indo Ukraine trade.
Relationship with China is a major concern for India, where Russia is playing an
important role. At the same time Russia has supplied S-400 missile system to
India while America was opposing this deal. It seems that the old strong tie-up
with Russia is still on and Indian diplomats have to continue to keep the Non
Aligned status intact.
As India has abstained from participating in the UN meeting on this issue, it is
playing carefully till date. This particular issue has exposed so many countries on
the diplomatic front. Our foreign affairs minister Mr Jaishankar seems to be
performing well and working hard at the front.

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