Now that it is fully crystal clear


Now that it is fully crystal clear that it will be (Narendra) Modi vs Rest in Bihar, it is thus now easy to say that netizens of Bihar for the first time fearlessly, sans any apprehension, sans any inhibition, sans any partialty will exercise their franchise rising above their all-progress-halting-cum-Bihar society-damaging caste, creed, credo, parochialism, sectarianism, regionalism, narrow-rationalism, personal considerations, personal choices, personal preferences, groupism, clique-forcing etc that till now have been ruining Bihar’s all round progress in all sectors. Imagine : Chief Minister of Bihar having 11 children and telling others to follow suit and more. As that is so, the state of Bihar is always fulfilled with never-ending infants, new borns, childrens, thus, penury, parsimony, demands for elementary stuff for basic survival and sustainence. Father of 11 meanwhile has got his/her wards happily wedded, they in turn are expanding their families merrily. Modi does not have any such qualms at all. He thus has all the time to be fully dedicated to the all round development of Bihar matching US-standards+global progreses. Masses in Bihar interestingly — revealing for the Socialists, Samajwads, Lohiaites, JPites, Commies, parochial-ites, scuttlebutt-peddlers — want their, state’s all round Vikas/Development and for that, they have made up their mind to vote for Modi and through him for the BJP to make it come alone as the Government-forming party after  the coming state elections. At the time of writing, may be the so-called surveys in Bihar not yet are displaying that due to innumerable’personal’, ‘vested’ reasons but the fact is, the people of Bihar this time are transfixed on Modi, The Victor. The latter according to all reports is fully determined to evince Good Governance in Bihar which otherwise is well-known for its awful, appalling, asymmetrical governance. Government after the coming elections in the state will not be so as it will be forced by Modi to deliver goods right from Day 1 after assuming office. People of Bihar are fully aware of that. They thus want Modi to be victorious. Modi himself is keen…


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