Writing this editorial amid Navaratra


Writing this editorial amid Navaratra : Demon vanquished ; Shakti victorious. Same is insidiously Iwrit large in the ongoing Bihar Assembly Elections which will be precedent all through India. Demonish Casteists, Exploiters, Communalists, Regionalists, Sub-casteists, Parochialism-tomtoming shouters, Balkanisation-creating Specialists, Narrowest Religion-publicisers, Hypocrites, Practising ‘Do-What-I-Say-Don’t-You-Dare-Do-What-I-Do’ Specialising 11-Bachchon-kaa-Baap Leaders are out and gone already even before 5-stage Bihar Assembly Elections’ poll-propcess is complete. What’s surely in is En Masse Vote for India-matching Development/Vikas/Progress/Ootthaan/uniform-cum-steady-all-round development all throught Bihar and its all nooks and corners as well with equal aplomb, gusto, enthusiasm. Votes are being polled for for Development-speaking Narendra Modi. He has already dwarfed all and sundry, nullified Socialism+Rightism+Leftism+Marxism+Centrism+Lalooism+Nitish Kumar-ism+Congressism+Janta Dal-ism, Pahalban-ism, Dadagiri, Tom-tomism, Bragaddocio of all kind, loquaciousness, barbarism, magniloquence, grandiloquence, intra-group squabbles, inter-factions rivalry, redundant competition scaring masses so that they vote for only liers…that is what has happened so far. This time, for the first time, it is not so. Masses for Bihar en masse are voting for Development or better still — rather, pointedly — Narendra Modi. Masses of all hues in Bihar are fully confident that they now want development of Bihar and their development of all kind as well martching national standards and also, USA-standards. This, they are confident, assured, will be a reality when they make Narendra Modi resoundingly victorious. That is what they are now doing with full force in their command without any ado of any kind. Janta Janardan of entire Bihar have made up their mind to vote for Development and not for any caste, creed, credo etc. They have finally understood that all these factors considered by them so far for decades together have only made them ‘beggars’ in all respect. They want to be parvenu now in all respect. (More than) enough is (more than) enough now by all respects/aspects/angles/perspectives/considerations. People of Bihar now want Pragatee Har Shetra Mein Taneek Bhee Koonthaa ke Bagair. This they want via Narendra Modi. The latter himself has promised/assured them that no-golds-barred.


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