Now that the Maggi Noodles


Now that the Maggi Noodles are back with a bang with full gusto, it can               ( ‘should’ to be fully precise in place of ‘can’ ) be vociferously told/narrated/said : That the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, despite all cynicism/lackadaisical parlances/lacklustre logics about him, is fully clairvoyant, equanimous, rationale, astute, pragmatic, correct, timely premonition is fully evident in his asking his (ministerial) colleagues (actually, over-zealous, over-zestful, over-zealot, over-zapped, over-zany, over-zippy, over-zany, over-zigzag-loving Ram Vilas Paswan, to plainspeak without any slightest ado) to not make any “unsavoury, vituperative, unnecessary fuss/farce over the (Maggi) ban” till all the facts came to light…Modi was so bang-right !  What he meant by saying above (subject to official clearence from him) is since people of all ages in this country have been relentlessly, unobtrusively, lovingly, dearly eating (even, hogging/gorging-‘n’-gormandising  in many cases) Maggi since ‘80s and are fit-n-fine, hale-n-hearty why ban Maggi now on flimsiest issues taking assistance of figments of unflabbable, imaginative fictitious imaginations. Why by banning Maggi, create tension/s in the Indian society of all hues? Ban on Maggi then meant stretching upto Civil War in the country, Maggi being synonymous with every tongue even in remotest villages of the country so much so that even loose noodles cooked sold in name of Maggi Noodles. Paswan refused to heed to Modi. Holding his “Dalit-ego”, “SC-glory”, “HighHanded-thinking superciliousness”, “Socialism enmeshed in BJP-ism”, “Dalit-egoccentricism”, “inferiority-complex”   entity uppermost, he banned Maggi Noodles + threatened other fast noodles to fold up. The latter avoiding controversy with him folded up for the time being. Maggi did go to the court against the ruling. The Hon’ble Court said: “Principles of natural justice have not been followed before passing the impugned order and on that ground alone impugned orders are liable to be set aside, particularly when the petitioner (Nestle India, maker of Maggi) has given a press release that it had recalled the product…” The Hon’ble Court also said that the food labs under the FSSAI were not rpt not authorized to do the tests. This obviously gives rise to many worrying problems. As the Paswan-inspired FSSAI’s action in performing the basic test has been questioned by the court, its time for Modi-Government and Minister concerned, Ram Vilas Paswan to take immediate action/appologise/express deep regrets assuring them never to repeat this feat ever again. The latter is particular because it was he who ordered the tests on Maggi.   …According to the Hon’ble Court, FSSAI labs are not authorized to do the tests, then who is supposed to do them? Paswan should have the answers of them. Did the Paswan-engineered FSSAI not do due diligence? …Now as obvious fallouts of Pawan-fiasco (to avoid this, Modi had tried to pre-empt it then saying let full facts come out and then tom-tom like gullible Paswan), there are juciest stories on Paswan arm twisting Maggi-maker Nestle for trillions of $ as repeated funds in his assiduously maintained US-coffers, it refused to comply with him, as a result, he banned Maggi flustered. There are many more such tales on Paswan stuck on the walls now traveling to Bihar elections.   …Modi gauged it then itself. This is the reason why he had cautioned Paswan  without mentioning his name.


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