(Insidious) Intolerance


(Insidious) Intolerance — That’s irrepressible, indomitable, insatiable, instantaneous, indistinct, indispensable, inequitable, indulgent, indivisible, indomitable, infamy, inexpressive, inflexible, ingenuous, ingenious, ingratiating, irrepairable, irreconcilable, irrecoverable, irrepressible, irrefutable, irreducible, irremediable…due to what reason/s is still unclear but surely this is now evinced : The perfectly perceived, planted, persecuted, prepositioned, perplexed (?) intolerance is laid to rest in the Mummy. Its off as quickly as it became uncontrollable Frankestein. That Frankestein or intolerance or Asaheesnootaa now is dead and gone with the wind reminding of Margaret Mitchell. Frankestein in its short stay however has done enough damage to this country’s development orpragatee. It was halted for pretty long time according to global standards. Globe wants ‘no halt of any kind to 60 x 60 x 24 x 7 x 365 development’. Globe was deeply awed at the sudden uprise in intolerance, impatience, instability in India that fully threatened to stall all developments in India. The perfectly perceived, preplanned, astutely planted, persecuted, prepositioned, perplexed intolerance is now ephemeral.  Sort of timeless khodaa-pahar-neeklaa-choohaa or thaai-thaai-fees. Intolerance is laid to rest. Asaheesnootaa passé. Its all off as quickly as it became Frankestein. That Frankestein’s success in implanting intolerance, impatience, ephemeralism, imbalance/s, inadequacy, inimitable indecency is now fully dewad and gone. Its goal towards balkanization (?) is no more there. Divisiveness’s stopped. Near-fatal violence of another kind is ‘thing of past’. The Society India is back into normal rails again. Globe is happy with stabilized Indian Society. Those who were suffering from visibly incurable intolerance is now cured. Its as if Bihar election results have done the trick for them. Does that mean, they don’t want development? ( Please do Your own analyses on that to come to the conclusion). Do they want India to remain in Ramayana, Mahabharata era? Are they prone to plundering of India by Foreign Plunderers? Why are they otherwise opposed to “Vikas” (Development) in India?


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