Those who say (most of the time, negative-n-fruitless)


Those who say (most of the time, negative-n-fruitless) revolutions are possible only by the (near-defunct) Left, Marxists, Leninists, Socialists, Commies have been proved wrong by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has evinced anything iconoclastic / away-from-run-of-mill is revolution, more intensely so if it is pro-masses, pro-country. Take for instance his Start Up India, Wake Up India (there are already many more such country-benefitting, masses-benefitting revolutionery ‘new ones’ by him). Its absolutely revolutionary strictly speaking as it is away from the “normal” that’s plagued this country and its masses for decades turning them hapless, hopeless. To facilitate this scheme for all-n-sundry (actually, all officially/unofficially/off-the-record equal in this scheme), he has pumped in Rs 10,000 crores for ‘all’ to benefit from it, make India “million problems free by billions of Indians”. This itself is more revolutionary than the so-called revolutionary steps like mindless burning of buses, damaging public property, killing people, torching he-n-she, looting, arsoning, fighting, wrestling, bandh, holding to ransom etc. These are ‘Left/Socialist’ steps of revolution. Mr Modi has shown a diametrically opposite path of frevolution that has already started benefiting the masses. They are now self-sufficient. They do not need to remain glued to the Government and plead with it to do ‘good’ to them. They are free to fend for themselves and provide ‘food etc’ to others as well. What’s more? Entire Globe is looking at India, keenly wiating to partake of in India’s billions of “new achievements”. That’s because…simple…They are already incongruous, anachronous. They are fully aware that India is ‘new’-n-‘young’ and is bursting with proven new ideas, goals, ventures, solutions so tailormade for them. They thus are now mighty excited. Masses in the country now no more need to ‘plead’ with the Government to provide them jobs. They themselves are job-providers to themselves and to others as well thereby leving the Government to concentrate on development works of all hues, not known so far in this country as the Government was always busy, engrossed in creating jobs thereby averting development works obviously. Now the Government will not be allowed to do that. It will be held responsible for any slackness in development work as it will be concentrating only in that as never before. A practical risk taken by Mr Modi, aver all. They also say, it is revolutionary — revolution of 2016.


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