In what could be easily/effortlessly/unobtrusively/neutrally/unabashedly termed


In what could be easily/effortlessly/unobtrusively/neutrally/unabashedly termed as for India, by India, of India fully applicable to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, more than a 1,000 topnotch CEOs of the world presently have assembled in Mumbai — India to be precise — to be synonymous with India; Make Up for India; Make In India; Be Indian, Buy Indian; Make for India. The BigShot CEOs have pushed in $ 21,000 crores in India already. They will make in India making India single destination point in the whole world for all and sundry ( =anti-India countries like Pakistan ) as they will be naturally forced to ask for alms from India for their survival. Modi is ensuring, India, as days go by, becomes more intense with India-ism fully lapping in all forces in it so that all of them become for India, by India, of India. This way, India will be at pinnacle of topnotch powers in the country so what even if countries like USA continues to be militarily most powerful. Spiritually, India will be more powerful than the USA, admitted then by the whole world. As of now, majority of the countries in the whole world are looking at India — thanks to Modi — for its blessings on them so that they continue to exist head high but not nose up. India is doing that without any vested interest. It wants whole world to live in happy co-existence dependent on each other without any fear, apprehension. grumble, grimace, grunt, grin. India via Modi wants the whole world to be a fully safe place for all denizens of the world without any suspicion of any kind. That’s the reason why the whole world now is chanting Modi, Modi…whole heartedly. Modi has become popular in the whole world whether his adversaries — they do not matter in any way —- like it or not. They are of course devising new ways to dislodge Modi but they are proving themselves to be nitwit, tidbits in the process. People are not looking at them the next time considering them to be utterly anachronous, incongruous. Modi himself however remains unruffled. Not heeding to them in any way, he continues to lead India in the front bench of globe while his works already have become much to be emulated by the whole world whose leaders are asking him in anyway to “teach them also so that they too can excel in their respective roles”. Modi has become a household name in the whole world today. It is evident in India where presently, CEOs from all over the world have assembled and are ensuring that they prove their mettle in India. Only when they excel in that will they really be “successful”. For that, they are keenly looking at Modi’s blessings.

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