Let’s face it ! Let’s not go awry.


Let’s face it ! Let’s not go awry. First of all, the ensuing assembly elections in Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu are routine run-of-the-mill elections as specified in the Constitution and is no referendum to the current Central Government’s longevity, duration or life. Yes, for pessimists (they hardly have any place for entity in today’s “space-aged” moment-by-moment progress /development/expansion/elaborate vistas/new vistas/unexplored avenues…), like always, there’re scopes of numerous scuttlebutts of bunkum assessments /predictions/forecasts/surveys. Its clear that perennially equanimous Kerala, according to its characteristically conventional conventions, will swing between CPI(M)+Left and Congress. Later now is the ruling party. So, Kerala may opt for CPI(M)+Left, as always in the past. If Keralites decide to “opt” for the BJP, it will be most surprising, flabbergasting, defying all pro-n-con calculations. That or not will surely not have any effect on Central Government’s five-year tenure till 2019. Puducherry is “peaceful”. It thus does not shake or rattle the Centre in any way. Mother’s prevalence there holds sway in favor of Congress+ , DMK+ or AIADMK+ . Will Tamil Nadu opt for the BJP this time? Whether yes or not, it will not have any effect on Narendra Modi Government in the Centre. Assam may opt for the BJP this time if the masses of all hues throughout the state disillusioned with the Congress. They then will opt for Sarvananda Sonowal as next Assam Chief Minister. He in any way is enervating, self-abnegating to sway the Assam-masses in his/BJP’s favor.
West Bengal : Easily predictable! Mamata Banerjee today is CPI(M) there : Her supporters are in every village upto Kolkata via nooks and corners of every zila, mufassil, hamlets, shohor, towns etc. CPM made West Bengal synonymous with it in every sector, in every strata, in every level, in every scope from 1977 to 2011 without a break. Same carbon copied — resoundingly successfully — by Trinamool Congress. In the coming assembly elections, it’ll be difficult for the BJP to replace it unless the sky falls, which is highly unlikely. CPI(M)+. Congress etc are incongruous, anachronous, effete. Even then, Indian will continue to be governed by Narendra Modi Government Got it?!?! Ciao.

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