365 x 2 Over, 1095 to Go… Vikasvaad Vs Virodabaad  



*PM Modi highlighted his government’s key achievements over last two years

*PM accused the opposition of creating “false atmosphere of despondency”

2019, before pronouncement of Parliament Elections…1825 days or 5 years over since Narendra Modi led NDA Government took over the country’s Governance…Since the very first day since then, Modi enervated, self-abnegated more than his (all types of) compatriots (as he himself promised) crystallizing all-round, all-sector, all-level, all-strata, all-factors all-conceivable/inconceivable/covert/ov- ert/ambivert  developments of the/in the country. He’s ready for the second round…

Or better still, He is already looking at 2022 and beyond, had devised his ‘would-do’ post-2019, fixing 2022 (why 2022 exactly not yet known!) as assessment year of his performance as Prime Minister of the Country so far.

Coming back to 28 May, the day of confident celebration of completion of 2nd year of Modi-Governance, Modi-Government…The pragmatic all-India participating mega show featured, of all,  Bollywood A-listers speaking on development themes, never done that ever before.


“Those who looted nation are not enthused by this govt,” says PM Modi clearly. “NDA govt’s work must be evaluated against the work of previous governments.” Modi further :“On one hand there is agenda of development, on other there is agenda of obstructionism; people are capable of finding truth”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a short speech that wrapped up a six-hour mega celebration of his government’s two years in office lacerated the opposition for what he called its “obstructionist agenda” versus the government’s “development agenda”. He also accused the opposition of creating “a false atmosphere of despondency”.

He sought that his government’s work in the last two years be compared to that done by the previous Congress-led UPA government’s, dismissing the opposition’s criticism of him saying, “Those who earlier looted the nation are not enthused by this government…We stopped corruption, of course they criticise me.”

The Congress has charged the Modi government with not delivering on promises and suffering dismal failures in its two years in power.

The Prime Minister said his government’s performance has been carefully analysed in the last 15 days and “In the process we have got renewed faith and enthusiasm. The blessings of the people are also increasing.”

It was important in a democracy to analyse everyone’s work, the PM said, adding, “But we can’t make a mistake of creating a false atmosphere of despondency.”

He highlighted his government’s key achievements, leaving the detailing to his ministers who participated in panel discussions on subjects like the economy, infrastructure and education over more than five hours at a mega show titled “Ek nayi subah or a new morning”, at Delhi’s India Gate.

The show,  telecast live by the State-run Doordarshan, also featured A-listers from Bollywood speaking on development themes, including superstar Amitabh Bachchan who participated in a segment on the girl child.

“The people of India have placed their faith in us. We’ve left no stone unturned in our hard work. We dream of Team India,” the Prime Minister said, promising that, “This is just the beginning. A new morning.”

Cheerio Modi. Hip, Hip, Hurray. Choron, Looteron, KaamChoron, ThagBaajon, FarjeeLogon, Makkaron, Jhooton, ChaalBaazon ko to Waat Lagna Hee Chaaheeye! Aap Lage Raho…


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