From Pentrich Railway Station to Pietermaritzburg


From Pentrich Railway Station to Pietermaritzburg — Prime Minister Narendra Modi traveled in the same wood train in which MohanDas KaramChand Gandhi traveled  122 years ago in 1894 and was thrown out he being non-white equaling racial discrimination-cum-apartheid. Relevantly, as days went by, MohanDas KaramChand Gandhi through his deeds against it and others became a Mahatma which till date is globally recognized and is now being efforted to emulation albeit, unsuccessfully. Prime Minister Modi successfully traveled in the same train in the same route and relived “Gandhi-Yatra” successfully, evinced his spiritual courage, exhibited his guts+self-confidence+self-determination+Aatmik Shakti (spiritual strength) that together earned him the latest Global Leader title. World over, currently there are mammoth rumblings on Modi, The Peacemaker in the mould of Mahatma Gandhi. Modi’s Yoga is already a super-duper hit all throughout the world. Worldwide now, its leaders of all hues want Modi to ‘lead thr countries’ in the path of peace as peace is the only uniting factor among the present quarelling countries among each other with no unification among them in sight. Modi however is being seen as the sure shot binding factor as he is “peaceful, rationale, modern, pro-calling-‘spate a spate’, pedagogue”. Most important, he has a huge energy, wanting the world to be a peaceful and remain upwardly mobile healping each other so that all countries in it are progressive and uniform without any ado. He has no enemies nor he considers any one to be an adversary. According to him, all are same, all can be placated, all can be soothed, all can be brought to the negotiating table of peace. Thus, He’s needed to day. He’s today’s Gandhi.

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