Ongoing Monsoon Session of the 16th Lok Sabha truly


Ongoing Monsoon Session of the 16th Lok Sabha truly is truly significant, noteworthy in more ways than numerous fully already threadbare analysed ones by the countrypeople/s of all hues all thru the country and in its every nook and corner. Their unanimity is, for the first time in India since post First General Elections in1952 — even before that, many say so — consensus on equal Vikas or Development is equally relevant is every hamlet, village, town, mufassil, district, city etc. That has been possible in diametrically diverse country like India because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 100% constant support to Development (in all sectors — conceivable-incoceivable, extrovertish-introvertish-ambivertish, direct-indirect, grandiloquent-rationale-rational). Because development is uppermost politics today — leave aside+brush aside wayward cases who too will toe ‘Development Line’ in the ensuing days leaving aside once and for all their present pursuance of casteism, sectarianism, religious fundamentalism, obscurantism, divisive modus operandi, regionism, religionism, sexist biases, anti-women policies, parochialism, partisanism, et al that if all have taken the country many years backward while they swelled by numerous manifoldNot any more though, surely. Socialists, Communists, Commies, Marxists, Ultra Commies, German-brand Socialists, UK-brand Socialists, USA-brand Socialists, Democratic Socialists (imagine!), Left-of-Centre Commies, Centrist Commies, Right-of-Center Socialists, Centrist Socialists all so far thriving only on hoax slogans of egalitarianism, equality for all thankfully are on extinction. Many of them have already expungedOthers are on the verge of that. Since 1952, they in the garb of “b— s— isms” succeeded in dividing the Indian Society to keep its peoples deprived, mute, voiceless. Not any more though, surely. Countrymen of all hues want to wear milk-white chooreedaar Khadee pyjama-koortaa ride on galloping milk-white horses like India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Any ‘J’ because of that? Any envy? Any grievance? Or, complaint? None whatsoever pucca. 69 years after India’s independence, all countrymen should be milk-white horse riding like Nehru did then. Modi wants that as do the countrymen of all hues. That’s democracy. Let it be implemented in its true spirit. Let all countrymen be in crisp white Khadi Chooreedaar Pyjama and Koortaa albeit, unruffled.

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