Uttar Pradesh Politics

Once again as usual politics of caste and religion looms large. One of the biggest states of the nation is awaiting to go for assembly polls. Almost all the political parties and their iconic leaders are
throwing the religious and caste-based coins in the air. Amazingly if someone asks
them on the issue, they innocently say, “we have only development related issues”. In this process of election mode betrayal of one nation theory is a subject of concern.
Elections are the most integral and important component of politics in the democratic system as true democracy can function only when elections are held in afree and fair manner. Here comes the issue of electoral reforms. In current atmosphere when four states are going for pols the apex body of elections in India has approached the law minister requesting for expedited action on the electoralreform proposals pending with the government, including the one which seeks an enhanced two-year jail term for those furnishing incorrect information in their poll affidavits. This could also bar the candidate for contesting elections for six years.
Money power, muscle power, criminalisation of politics and politicisation of criminals,
misuse of government machinery, non serious independent candidates, casteism, communalisation and lack of moral values in politics are the key issues which have to be addressed. Few poll reforms have been addressed in past like, lowering of voting age, deputation to election commission of employees, increase in the number of proposers and the security deposit, 100 % use of electronic voting machines, disqualification on conviction for violating the nations honours act, restriction on contesting from more than two constituencies and subject of death of contesting candidate are the key issues which have been addressed in the past. Still so many pending issues exist which have to be addressed.
Does the political community have the wil and interest to accept the change?



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